3 Practical Tips to Boost SharePoint Adoption

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posted by Jessica
on Mar 29, 2017

Ever wondered why many of your SharePoint users were not always using SharePoint? We’ve seen many cases where users opt to use external tools to perform tasks that SharePoint can actually do. SharePoint user adoption is one of the most critical aspects of SharePoint success – so how can you make sure your users really use SharePoint in their daily work?

Here are three practical tips that you do to boost SharePoint adoption for any size organization:

1. Conduct SharePoint training regularly

sharepoint training

The truth is, if you ignore training – your SharePoint implementation will fail. Without a good understanding of how the platform works, people won’t see the real value of using it. You can organize SharePoint training however you want. whether it’s a quick 30-minute workshops during the week or online webinars for your remote users, the point is to make sure every new and existing users understand the platform perfectly so that they can work better by using SharePoint. You can also create short videos describing various SharePoint features beyond basic functionalities so that users can go back to a specific video if they forget how to use a feature. This will then save you a lot of time answering questions and you’ll know your users will treat SharePoint well.

A quick search on YouTube provides you with many samples of SharePoint training videos:


2. Brand your site to engage users

sharepoint branding

Whether it’s an extranet or an intranet created with SharePoint, the importance of branding is very relevant for a website. Your users will be more inclined to use your platform if it’s aesthetically appealing. The efforts you put on the interface reflects the importance you give to the platform – it shows that you went one step further to improve the experience of your users and that you think it’s valuable.

If you know nothing about SharePoint design and CSS, don’t try to do it yourself. Work with SharePoint branding specialists to get a site that represents your business well and creates positive emotions for your users. Check out NIFTIT SharePoint Jumpstart package if you’re interested in SharePoint branding for your organization.


3. Clean and organize your SharePoint site

clean and organize sharepoint

Nothing frustrates the user more than trying to navigate around a mess. A messy SharePoint environment creates a negative experience for your users which can lead to negative emotions towards SharePoint. As an admin, make sure you keep an eye on what’s happening in your site collection and act quickly if a mess is starting to grow in one or many of your lists and libraries. Take some actions or ask one of your users to clean it before it gets out of control. By making sure everything is organized and clean, you take one step further towards making your users love SharePoint.

There are also third party tools and custom SharePoint applications that NIFTIT has built that can do the job perfectly without having you spending days and days manually supervising what’s happening in all your site collections which is a really huge and time consuming task. Feel free to contact us if you require such application.