4 Most Common Misconceptions About SharePoint Office 365

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posted by Jessica
on Apr 17, 2017

Many businesses these days are moving to the cloud in effort to increase productivity and reduce cost. SharePoint Office 365 is one of the first steps in their journey to the cloud. According to Microsoft’s own figure, SharePoint counted close to 80 percent of Fortune companies as users in 2011.

This popularity hasn’t come without a few unfortunate side effects. As a result, a number of persistent misconceptions about SharePoint Office 365 continue to block adoption efforts at some organizations. Below are four most common misconceptions about SharePoint Office 365.


1. SharePoint is just a place to store files

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SharePoint is much more than a document management system. Collaboration is central to the SharePoint experience, which puts it a cut above a simple document repository. With features like workflows, you can manage the whole process of collecting data, assigning tasks, and approving finished documents automatically.


2. We need IT department to manage our SharePoint projects

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A successful SharePoint project should be led by business needs, and ergo managed and owned by business decision-makers. It’s quite frequent that the opposite happens – someone decides they want an intranet and it falls on the IT department to define scope and administer a rollout. SharePoint was designed to simplify internal processes, putting them back in the hands of end users. If rank-and-file workers aren’t recognized as key stakeholders, any implementation is destined to fail.


3. Microsoft Office 365 is only available online

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Despite conceptually web-based platform, you’re able to use it offline depending on which plan you sign up for. For example, the Office Desktop client, OneDrive for Business and Office for iPad or Android allow users to access their corporate data while offline.

4. We can’t customize solutions on Office 365

sharepoint-office 365-customization

This is one of the most common myths about Office 365. In reality, the platform supports an incredible degree of customization, using Microsoft Azure. Although some constraints apply to SharePoint Online customization, it’s possible to extend the platform using Microsoft Azure, allowing you to build external processes and integrations with other systems.


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