5 Amazing Office 365 Features You Can’t Ignore!

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Jul 18, 2017

Are you a big fan of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive or SharePoint? Are you using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher or Outlook every day? Office 365 comes with a list of features that brings productivity to your team! With the recent Microsoft 2017 plan announcement, Office 365 features will be released and updated every month. We’ve summed up a worth-sharing shortlist, check out these cool new features!

1. Skype Meeting Broadcast

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a part of Skype for Business that gives enterprises permission to host a meeting with large audience. In addition, enterprises can automatically share the transcript of the meeting with their audience. The transcript is available in English, Spanish, German and Simplified Chinese.

2. Bitcoin Currency

In 2017, Bitcoin will be integrated into Excel. With this great feature, you can now quickly format, calculate and analyze numbers which are expressed in Bitcoin currency in Excel. However, this feature will be only available for Windows 10, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, also including Excel Mobile versions.

3. Power Query for Excel 

Office 365 features

Power Query takes the intuitive of self-service business intelligence (BI) in Excel. It also makes sure the consistent experience of activities such as discovering, connecting, and refining to data across a wide variety of sources (i.g: Azure databases, Hadoop, Salesforce, Facebook, and even third-party websites). With Power Query, enterprises are able to share and manage queries as well as search data within their organization.

4. OneNote 

OneNote has been the center of attention for Microsoft developers since Microsoft seems to promote it heavily as a classroom tool. Several new features will be added to make the transfer access control within the company easier. Besides, OneNote notebooks are planned to be simpler and more intuitive for users to share.

5. Power Map in Excel

Office 365 features

One of the most powerful Office 365 features is Power Map, which is a part of data visualization feature in Excel and enhanced with Power BI. Then you can quickly turn data into a 3D map for both analyzing and sharing data insights purposes. It even allows users to filter data by three different filters such as List, Range, and Advanced. With Power Map, you can create your own visual tours to share with other people.


In summary, apart from those features listed above, Office 365 is continuously updating other features, especially the ones that supports collaborations. For example, co-authoring, chatting with co-workers in Office apps, inserting links to stored files instead of sending entire files, etc. I’d also like to mention the Office 365 features that enhance flexibility such as turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events, editing and converting to PDF easily, reply inline to email without opening, working offline and uploading changes later and working anywhere from any device. There is no doubt that Office 365 has become the most powerful tool for enterprises.

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