How to Audit Office 365 Exchange Online

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Jun 09, 2017

Auditing Office 365 Exchange Online is an essential process to help businesses monitor day-to-day activities and gain valuable insights and critical security information within the environment. It safeguards businesses’ security as well as prevents them from compliance violations, system downtime, and productivity losses. Making changes to office 365 online exchange auditing process is an easy task – just follow the steps below:

Overview of the System

To audit Office 365 Exchange Online, you need the access to the Office 365 Exchange Online organization. This can be done through Azure Active Directory which allows external programs such as Change Auditor to get access to the tenant. The following chart provides an overview of the system requirements to audit an organization’s Office 365 Exchange online

Office 365 Exchange Online

Deployment requirements

For the system, you should check the license, port requirement, and subscriptions supported. Check this link for more information. You should also consider these things while changing auditors:

  • Changing auditor requests and collecting Microsoft’s mailbox and regulatory audit logs will limit the events and details reported
  • Office 365 rarely makes duplicate auditing events. It only happens when a service disruption requires Microsoft administrators to replay transaction files to ensure that no event is lost. Changing Auditor will remove duplicate events. However, if an event has already been sent to the database is sent again from Office 365 later, it will appear as a duplicate.

Auditing in Synchronized Environments

In a synchronized environment, when you deploy Change Auditor, you can add additional columns to display extra mapping information for Office 365 Exchange Online events. Use Layout Tab

Office 365 Exchange Online

Office 365 Exchange Online auditing page

To be able to audit Office 365 Exchange Online, you must create an auditing template that defines the events. It can be either mailbox or administrative.

Office 365 Exchange Online

For more information, check this out guide

Source: “Administration Guide”

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