How Camarena Health Improved Their Employee Engagement with NIFTIT SharePoint

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posted by Duc-Uy Lam
on Feb 28, 2018

According to Siemens Enterprise Communications, an organization of 100 employees wastes approximately 17 hours per week dealing with issues stemming from poor communication. No matter how large or small a business is, maintaining good communication and improving upon it within the internal environment should always be a top priority for any organization to consider.

Camarena Health is a community health center founded in 1978 with a mission to provide comprehensive general medical and dental care services to the Californian communities of Madera, Chowchilla, and Oakhurst. Camarena Health came to us with a common problem faced by non-profit organizations. With our support, how could Camarena Health better facilitate connections and share knowledge among its group members?

NIFTIT SharePoint

What were the challenges faced by your organization prior to the setup of the NIFTIT SharePoint solution?

We had a difficult time keeping track of documents, and – more importantly – we had no direct way of communicating to our employees. Sure, standard email works, but it’s not dynamic and doesn’t offer any interaction. NIFTIT’s solutions greatly increased our ability to reach our employees through our intranet.

How does the NIFTIT SharePoint solution meet your organization’s needs?

It meets our needs by providing an easy-to-use solution that our IT and HR staff can manage. NIFTIT made updating our intranet a breeze, which (as I mentioned) greatly enhances communication with our employees.

How has the NIFTIT SharePoint solution improved your organization (reporting, management, visibility, etc)?

Because of the NIFTIT solution, we are able to publish reports directly on our intranet. For example, we have a service that calls patients to remind them of their appointments, and with the NIFTIT solution, the results of those reminder calls are published in an Excel spreadsheet easily accessed directly from our intranet. Our appointment staff appreciates the ease of use of the Excel spreadsheets that our intranet brings to the table.

NIFTIT SharePoint

How was your experience working with NIFTIT? 

– What went well?

NIFTIT was a joy to work with. Their project management team did a great job of keep track of outstanding tasks. I’m not the most organized person, and having competent PMs was critical to our success. Additionally, the design phase was outstanding. I’m very picky in terms of the look-and-feel, and their staff never once got offended; rather, they encouraged me to continue… Their designer even suggested that the more information NIFTIT has up-front the better. Excellent thinking! Their programming staff is also top notch. I am simply amazed at their knowledge when it comes to Web and SharePoint programming.

– What could have been done better?

Not much, but no one is perfect… So, if I had to pick something, it would be that because of their outstanding growth, there could be a slight delay in fixing small issues. It never really caused delays in the completion of our project, but I needed to put something here!

Would you recommend NIFTIT’s services to your colleagues or business partners?

NIFTIT SharePoint

I would highly recommend NIFTIT to any business partners who need SharePoint development. They are upfront with their pricing and do not nickel and dime to death… And, most importantly, their end product is outstanding – not merely good enough, but truly amazing!


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