Editing Pages with the Modern SharePoint Experience (Part II)

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Jun 20, 2018

Let’s start where we left off and jump right into the review of some of the features available with SharePoint’s new modern experience.


Heroes are used to display link tiles. They are very simple to add and can impress visitors to your page with their appeal and ease of use. You can choose to display 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 tiles at once, but you can’t display more unless you reuse another hero part.

Modern SharePoint Experience

By adding images to the linked tiles, you can create an appealing display.

Modern SharePoint Experience

Bing Maps

Microsoft had to sell us on their Bing engine initially, but actually, the web part is quite useful for displaying locations on “About” and event pages.

To use, simply type in your address, chose the view display type, and zoom in/out accordingly – you are good to go!

Modern SharePoint Experience

The only slightly frustrating part is when end users try to scroll up/down the page but have their mouse on the map; this will cause the map to zoom rather than the page to scroll, so users beware.

Image Gallery

This is simple and effective. Just add the web part, upload or select existing pictures, and now you have access to a full slideshow when clicking on the image.

Modern SharePoint Experience


Each site will have a news list library available. By adding this part to your page, you are allowing users to access team and site news in an easily consumable manner.

Modern SharePoint Experience

You can choose between different layouts to make sure the one you select best fits your site’s appeal.


One web part that you might find yourself using frequently for site navigation purposes is the Sites web part. Just add Sites from the call to action button and it will display the site in tiles for quick access.

Modern SharePoint Experience


Here is another integrated Office 365 application for the SharePoint environment. Create a plan, add tasks, set assignees and due dates, and allow your team to complete tasks or move them between buckets. Note that you also have a report view so you can quickly see where the team stands regarding tasks.

Modern SharePoint Experience

Modern SharePoint Experience

Are you able to display a Gantt view chart or connect to a resource pool with this web part? No, as this is not MS Project Online. However, this web part will definitely do the trick for smaller sized projects with limited constraints.


Yet more proof of the tight collaboration between SharePoint and the suite of products available with Office 365, the Yammer app let’s you display top conversations, the latest conversation, or a selected conversation so that you are always in the know.

Modern SharePoint Experience

Group Calendar

This is where the power of O365 groups comes into play (and we should see more subtle integrations between O365 products and O365 groups in the years to come). This web part allows you to display upcoming and past events.

Modern SharePoint Experience

It may take a few minutes between the moment you add an event and the moment it will be retrieved for display on the group calendar, but you can always manually click on “Sync calendar” to force the refresh.

Office 365 Video

Remember how you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your page? Well, this web part allows you to display videos hosted on the Microsoft Office 365 video streaming platform. This is good if you have content that you are planning to share with partners or investors and don’t want them to get unwanted ads.

Modern SharePoint Experience


This was lacking in the classic experience. In fact, on classic pages, you had to make the PowerBI report publicly available and embed it into an iframe to display, which was not ideal (especially for confidential information!).

With modern pages, you are given a special token in PowerBI.

Modern SharePoint Experience

It will be required to add this when you configure the PowerBI page on your SharePoint site page.

Modern SharePoint Experience


Finally, when you need to display users (from your tenant), use the People web part to search and select users.

Modern SharePoint Experience

It will present user thumbnails, and clicking on one will allow you to send emails, start a chat, or gather further information about that particular user (such as his/her department, mobile phone number, and even recently accessed files).

Modern SharePoint Experience

This ends the Modern SharePoint Experience series. If you are looking for a SharePoint tutorial source, we are also hosting bi-weekly webinars for beginners to power users.It’s free for everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question!