We build beautiful, data-driven websites and web applications through simple and responsive storytelling design.

We pride ourselves on our full-service digital offerings, which include providing creative and development services, digital marketing, enterprise solutions (SharePoint/Office 365), and technology consulting.

Technologies We Use

From building rich internet applications to mobile-friendly websites, we can handle projects of any size and difficulty. We follow industry standards and best practices to build world-class websites and solutions.

Solutions We Create

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our team's passion for digital technology. Our goal is to tailor world-class creative solutions to the needs of our clients to help their businesses thrive.

Enterprise Solutions
We help organizations think ahead and make smarter decisions. Whether it is implementing market-leading solutions or creating a customized plan to address your company's specific needs, our team has the expertise to provide a proven foundation for successful execution.
Web Development
Using scalable technologies, we adapt to the changing needs of our clients and build web products around best practices to help them collaborate with their global teams. We are experienced in delivering high-performance web applications with complex functionality.
Mobile App Development
Our team has expert-level skills in solution architecture and infrastructure for both the iOS and Android platforms. We focus on user experience, which results in higher rates of usership and a quicker speed of adoption. We constantly seek out new ways to build leaner.
UI / UX Design & Development
With a solid backing in user-centered design to guide our decisions, our expertise allows us to bring the client's vision to life. Our creative and technical teams work together to produce an end result that maximizes the overall experience users will have with our client's brand.
Digital Marketing
We help companies design campaigns that engage customers. Our commitment to service also drives us to provide marketing solutions that both build awareness and analyze the effectiveness of the programs we bring to life.

The Design / Development Process

We believe that successful design is based on a thorough understanding of the demographic, meticulous planning, and committing to a sensible strategy. If you're interested in an intuitive, community-centered design process, then you've found the right team to deliver.

People First: Designing For Differences
People are the first consideration, and sites are designed with the needs of everyone in the audience in mind.
Clear Purpose: Well-Defined Goals
People enjoy products designed with their ease of use in mind and that are guided by both defined purposes and goals.
Solid Structure: Build To Standards
People feel confident using the design because it is stable, robust, and secure.
Easy Interaction: Everything Works
People can interact with and operate the product across a broad range of devices.
Helpful Wayfinding: Guide Users
People can navigate a site, feature, or page following self-explanatory signposts.
Clean Presentation: Support Meaning
Design elements are easily perceived and understood.
Plain Language: Create A Conversation
People can read, understand, and use the information.
Accessible Media: Support All Senses
People can understand and use information contained in media, such as images, audio, video, animation, and presentations.
Universal Usability: Create Delights
People can focus on the experience and their own goals because the product anticipates their needs.

Support Contracts

We are the type of company that delivers on contracts and understands that the journey doesn't always end there for some clients. We offer support in ways that fit every organization's particular needs, budget, and goals.

Applications are rarely built then deployed without a second thought. Over time, performance, security, and market changes can all have a significant impact on how an application functions and – more importantly – how users interact with an application.


The team at NIFTIT has a strong background not only in building applications, but also in ensuring that they are properly maintained. We can work with your team to determine what that means for your project on a case-by-case basis.


Our approach to support is divided into three stages: The first step is for our team to gain a complete understanding of your application’s systems and dependencies; the second step is taking preventive action to help ensure that the latest updates have been made and that potential issues are addressed before they become a problem; finally, in the last step we empower our clients to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of their applications through knowledge and training.


Should anything catastrophic occur, our support contracts give you piece of mind that you have a team working around the clock to bring your applications back online. Our strict backup and restoration policies – along with offices located around the world – ensures that you always have someone available to lend you support when you need it most.

Pro Bono Works

We help non-profits better serve their missions, deliver programs more effectively, and affect greater positive impact on their respective communities.

We find great satisfaction in the non-profit work we have undertaken since our inception. As a company, it is our goal to provide the best service alongside market-leading solutions that adapt to our clients’ needs, all of which is particularly important to organizations lacking such basic necessities to help drive their good works forward.


NIFTIT is proud of the pro bono work it has been able to provide for non-profits in our communities and will continue to offer its skills and industry knowledge to more organizations in the future. Our company is a global community, so we want to make strong efforts to support non-profits that work to make a difference and enact positive change in our world.

Pro Bono Solution for Education: Partage VN
NIFTIT proudly supports non-profits around the world by developing solutions for their IT needs. In 2015, NIFTIT worked with Partage Vietnam, a non-profit that focuses on making education more accessible to children in the Mekong Delta region.