How to Improve SharePoint Search Result for Your Users

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Dec 13, 2017

Started in 2001, SharePoint is well-known as a document management system. Meanwhile, SharePoint search engine is one of the most controversial features of the product. Although it has improved significantly over the past years, there is still a common misconception that SharePoint Search works for every organization straight out-of-the-box. Basically, there are three main reasons for a bad search result. The first reason is the lack of search-optimized content and documents are not tagged well. The second one is you are not using the smart search method and features. The last reason is probably from IT that files are not showing when you search. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve SharePoint search result for your users.

1. Improve content provider

SharePoint Search

Do your users apply SEO best practices for all of your files whether they’re in the draft or published format? Do your users know how to improve SEO of files in a SharePoint system? Do your users take attention to tag their documents carefully? If your answer is “NO” for most of these questions, a bad SharePoint search result is totally your fault. The solution: take time to educate your members and form a dedicated team or an employee who will be in charge of maximizing SEO practices and content provider.

2. Enhance search provider

How much can you do to improve your Sharepoint search engine? Actually, your IT guy can easily enhance the search provider but he doesn’t know exactly where improvements could be made to bring the most positive impact on the business. Then, he will be probably busy with other large-scale upgrades and rollouts and your search engine is not optimized. So my recommendation is that it’s on the business to request these improvements.

3. Be an advanced searcher

SharePoint Search

Do your users try hard to use the SharePoint search features to their max when searching for something? Or they just type words in a box once and expect an amazing result? Then definitely, they should learn about the best practices of how to search before expecting great results. It’s time to create an ultimate guide to better searching and train your users as advanced searchers.


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