Getting Started With Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Jun 30, 2017

It’s easy to recognize a driving force behind the evolution of how businesses are now run. Office 365 becomes a popular choice for enterprises who are thinking about either replacing or implementing a new intranet system. And email is one of the necessary parts for the migration. Here is how you can get started with Microsoft Office 365 email migration

Import Gmail to Outlook

Microsoft Office 365 Email

You have two options when switching emails.

Option one is connecting your previous email account in Outlook on the web (Office 365) if you want to keep it or you don’t have the Outlook app installed on your computer. For the tutorial, click here to learn more.

Option two is importing a copy of all of your previous emails into your Office 365 account. Choose this option if you consider moving everything into one account and you have the Outlook app installed on your computer. Before importing your email to Outlook, you need to:

  • Get Microsoft Office 365 email user id and password ready
  • Install the Outlook app
  • Add Office 365 mailbox to Outlook

Here are all the step by step you need to follow. For a detailed tutorial click here

  • Step 1: Prepare Gmail to connect to Outlook
  • Step 2: Add Gmail account to Outlook
  • Step 3: Copy Gmail messages to desktop
  • Step 4: Copy Gmail to Office 365 mailbox
  • Step 5 (Optional): Remove Gmail account from Outlook

Import from Outlook (desktop)

You should import/export a .pst file for these reasons:

  • Moving from one email account to another email account.
  • Moving from one computer to another computer
  • Moving from PC to Mac or opposite
  • Moving only contacts or email addresses
  • Retrieving only a few emails or contacts from a .pst file

To create a .pst file, to export your email data from Outlook, follow this article. To import, choose from the following list below. Click here for more details.

For example:

Microsoft Office 365 Email

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