Three Office 365 Security New Features 2017!

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on May 10, 2017

Office 365 security has always been questioned by enterprises despite being the top of its game. This is because data security is enterprises’ main priority and threats are often unpredictable. One of the best solutions to prevent this security problem is proactively managing your business’s multitude of safety signals produce. So, that requires your IT administrators come up with some reliable tools. When understanding this concern, Microsoft has invested heavily in building up its cloud security. Let’s check out these three Office 365 security new features 2017!

Office 365 Security – Secure Score

Secure Score is one of Microsoft new security analytics tools which gives your current Office 365 security configuration a score based on your measures and settings. Also, the feature will show you how implementing additional controls can further enhance your overall security setup. To clarify, you can start checking your Secure Score by visiting and logging in.

For more information, please watch this video below:

Office 365 Threat Intelligence Private Preview

Office 365 Threat Intelligence service maximum the advantage of data from Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. It provides actionable insights to the global attack trends. It has billions of data points from places such as global data centers, emails, office clients and other incidents which impact the Office 365 ecosystem. Moreover, Microsoft integrates Office 365 Threat Intelligence with other Office 365 security features, i.g Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection. Therefore, you can see analysis report, including the top, targeted users, malware frequency and some security recommendations related to your business.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence is now generally available. For more information, please watch this video below:

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance

Advanced Data Governance within Office 365 is a tool that utilizes machine learning to help organizations find and retain critical data while eliminating redundant, trivial and obsolete data. In addition, Advanced Data Governance provides three key capabilities, according to Microsoft blog post:

  • Take actions on data—such as retention and deletion by proactive policy recommendations and automatic data classifications
  • Create custom alerts by specifying alert matching conditions and threshold; identify data governance risks by system default alerts
  • Apply compliance controls to on-premises data by intelligently filtering and migrating it to Office 365

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is now generally available. For more information, please watch this video below:

Source: Microsoft Office


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