Watch! Power BI Office 365 Is Retired!

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Apr 28, 2017

Last month, Microsoft released a short announcement “Power BI Office 365 is retired”. Power BI for Office 365, the previous version of Power BI, has been transitioned to the Power BI current version for users who once used Power BI Office 365. That being said, access to the Power BI Office 365 for Admin portal is no longer available. This prompts many confused users asking the same question: what has happened?

The story of two Power BI tools

As you may know, Microsoft has its cloud-hosted service offering called Office 365. For the highest price version – E5, you can add Power BI to your subscription. Microsoft defines Power BI as: “a cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard and create rich interactive reports.”

In July 2013 at the Worldwide Partner Conference, a new feature on SharePoint Online document library was announced to be released via Power BI SharePoint app. Microsoft also created an additional functionality called Q&A. With Q&A, you can pose natural language questions to your data and have Power BI automatically generate the answer in the form of a number, graph, chart, and more.

In February 2014, a Windows 8 app was also created to provide the ability to get your reports easily; it also makes it available to Office 365 customers. However, it became apparent that Microsoft didn’t update the service. It’s not because of the limited functionality Windows 8 app made a change. There were a couple of updates dealing with the data refresh options, but they were very limited and stayed that way for a while.

In July of 2015, Microsoft announced that the standalone Power BI service was ready to be available. The new Power BI service has been being regularly updated and has got a lot of new features when comparing to Power BI Office 365. It has come with new mobile apps as well as a new Windows app besides a pretty reduction in price.

Power BI Office 365 is Over

As it sometimes happens with Microsoft products, there are two competing versions of the same thing. Therefore, it’s time for one to get phased out.  Now it’s Power BI Office 365’s turn. It had a good run. But it needs to be retired for Power BI to move in and execute the show.


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