SharePoint Alternatives Review for Non-profits

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on May 10, 2017

According to a recent survey, a lot of businesses agree that SharePoint with all its features is an excellent choice for collaboration and data management platform. The Microsoft product is well known to a large user base which brings a lot of advantages to organizations, including non-profits, when migrating to SharePoint. However, not all non-profits can afford the cost and the complexity of the system; that is why some of them start searching for alternatives software. Here are some of the most popular SharePoint alternatives!

Sharepoint Alternative 1: Bitrix24

SharePoint Alternative


Bitrix24 has good reviews for its integrated timeline, content sharing segregated by groups, and useful CRM features. It becomes an essential tool for internal network to share knowledge and helpful information. With Bitrix 24, non-profits can quickly register the relationship history with their customers and leads, register contacts data, manage individual calendars, among other activities. However, many users have commented on their administration panel being complicated and not user-friendly – and that it requires more training to figure out how to utilize all of its features. Bitrix24 has a flexible pricing plan so our recommendation is to try its free plan first before committing to the paid plan.

Sharepoint Alternative 2: Citrix ShareFile

SharePoint Alternatives

Citrix ShareFile is easy and intuitive to use. One of its remarkable features is its big storage capacity which allows users to upload larger files and send a direct link to others. It fixes the email’s data limitation problem and the download process is easy. You don’t have to worry about the system being down or crashing! However, its integration with Outlook need to be upgraded; they are sometimes not in sync. Users also commented on the ability to drag and drop files when using the system on the web being a bit complicated and requiring extra steps. In conclusion, if your non-profit often has trouble with sending larger files, Citrix ShareFile is a tool worth considering. Remember to check out their quick Beginner’s seminar with tips and tricks before migrating.

Sharepoint Alternative 3: Quip

SharePoint Alternatives

This desktop app is very fast and easy to navigate. Quip works well and makes everything easy for teams to collaborate. A couple of their awesome features, as reviewed by users, include editing feature (although limited), instant messaging, and private folder. With Quip, you can export content in various formats and conveniently integrate with other third-party applications. However, Quip needs to improve its integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Quip also lacking native support for PDF files (it converts them to JPG images instead) and it does not allow you to upload folders, only files. If your non-profit wants to spend more time on content creation and collaboration – and less time on management assets, this app is an ideal tool to consolidate all your information into one place.

Sharepoint Alternative 4: Hightail

SharePoint Alternatives

Hightail is one of the most popular SharePoint alternatives for file transferring. You can easily share large files securely and password protected with clients or colleagues, which is a necessity in the video production world nowadays. Its ability to set how long files remain available for download access is a plus. However, it doesn’t support some common file types and the log-in process can be quite frustrating unless the users are familiar with the process. You can’t view a file before downloading as well. If you need an easy and secure tool for sharing and managing large files over the internet, then give Hightail a try.


When it comes to SharePoint and its alternatives, all solutions have features that they’re great at and lacking. The key is understanding your non-profit’s needs. Our suggestion is for you to evaluate your needs carefully before getting any tool.

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