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posted by Phi-lac Nguyen
on May 17, 2018

The SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) is a command line capable of scanning SharePoint content and logging data issues it encounters at the start of a migration. It helps to identify the potential impact of a migration to SharePoint Online without altering the production environment.

Here is the link to the Microsoft documentation: 

Here is the link to download the tool: 


  • SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 
  • The tool must be run with the farm service account 

This tool has two modes: 

  • Assessment: This is the default mode that looks for any issues that may occur during the migration to SharePoint Online. 
  • Identity Mapping: This mode will generate a report related to users and group identities. If identities are not properly set up prior to migration, users can lose access to some content or information. 

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and create a folder called “Log.” Once this is done, open a CMD window as an administrator (make sure you are logged in as a farm admin of SharePoint). 

It’s possible to review the parameters by executing SMAT.exe /help. This command will provide all the parameters for each mode. 


This is the default mode in which the user should specify the log folder, as shown below: 

SharePoint Migration Asessment

The scan will then begin, and the user can monitor the progress with the column “% Complete”:

SharePoint Migration Asessment

Once complete, the user will be reminded where the generated logs can be found. The user will also be prompted to provide his/her SharePoint Online tenant domain if he/she wants to help the tool improve its service.  

SharePoint Migration Asessment

Next, the user must review the logs and see if the tool found any issues. 

SharePoint Migration Asessment


Identity Mapping 

By executing the command with the parameter “-generateidentitymapping,” the tool will run using the second mode and begin checking user and group identities. The global administrator credentials must be used. 

SharePoint Migration Asessment

Once the scan is done, the tool will remind the user where to find the report: 

SharePoint Migration Asessment


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