3 Things You Must Know About Sharepoint Template 2017

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Apr 17, 2017

One of SharePoint’s best features is that sites can use templates to provide teams with particular views, lists, and tools for specific purposes. They contribute to assist collaboration and increase efficiency. Nowadays, several different types of templates are available at some site and site collection levels. It’s getting more flexible and easier than before for you to choose the template you want. However, there are a few things you must know about Sharepoint template 2017 before getting started!

Understand about Sharepoint Template

It is critical to have in mind what each template can offer you regarding features and capabilities to meet your business needs. According to Microsoft Office, there are four types of template site that you often use.

Sharepoint Template

Please take note that by default, you can select only the Publishing Site and Publishing Site Workflow. Or Enterprise Wiki site template when you create a subsite of a publishing site. However, you can enable additional site templates. Select Page layouts and site templates which you can find under Look and Feel on the Site Settings page.

Differences between Site Templates and Site Definitions


A site template is a package which contains a set of differences from a base site definition. A site definition contains a set of files which define the look and feel of SharePoint site on the web front-end file system. And working with Site Template is much easier. Because creating a site definition requires hand-coding a lot of XML files and other supporting files. Therefore, at some point, most SharePoint administrators will just want to change or add certain functionality to the standard site templates. For example, you need a proposal for a document management site that requires certain features which you can’t find in the standard template. Instead of creating a site using the standard document management template, you can use a custom template which has already been set up for proposal management.

Manage Sharepoint Template

Template Management

In fact, you can create a site template by customizing a site and then saving it as a site template. Then others can use it to create sites with the same look and feel. Check out the process here.

However, in 2017, we are facing a big challenge coming from a new user experience and a different development model. Team sites and publishing sites get the most significant update. Pages and web parts work differently. Sharepoint need to meet the flexibility from Intranet to Extranet to everything in the middle. Moreover, mobile apps become a trend. Sharepoint branding needs more customized than before. That requires Sharepoint template be more adaptable to come up with the Sharepoint update as well.


Knowing which site template has the functionality you need is one of the key decisions for SharePoint deployment. So, want more news about SharePoint in 2017? Subscribe to our newsletter!