Who We Are

NIFTIT is a development and design agency in New York, Vietnam & Hong Kong dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes and non-profit organizations through nifty solutions. Since its inception in 2013, NIFTIT has been governed by its core values: quality, innovation, value creation, and talent.

NIFTIT is experienced in working with non-profits, and it is our goal to deliver smart solutions that meet and exceed all of your business needs. Our team develops customized solutions according to the best business practices in the industry.

In November 2013, the New York City Mayor’s Office awarded the Made in NY ‘Mark of Distinction’ to NIFTIT, recognizing our efforts in bringing new ideas and innovations to the city.

Our People

We are a group of individuals who have come together from seven different countries to create a team that is passionate about bringing the newest and best in the IT world to our clients. While our goal in the office is unity and a shared focus, our interests outside of work could not be more diverse.

Ngoc Anh Le
Ngoc Anh (or Anh, as she’s called around the office) is a recent graduate of Foreign Trade University where she majored in international business. Originally from where the Saigonese call "Bac Ky", Anh has brought her talent for multi-tasking to NIFTIT where the team is as impressed by her talents around the office as they are by her amazing stories. Currently a junior marketing executive, Anh was everything from a copywriter to an account executive to a Workaway-er while on a six month backpacking excursion before coming to HCMC. She’s an avid reader, but we don’t think there are many tales out there that can beat hers!
Hailing from the LA of Vietnam (Long An, that is), Bang puts his degree from the University of Science to work each day as a NIFTIT developer. Known also as Kuckke, get to know this NIFTer while watching an FC Barcelona match; if it’s a win, it won’t take much convincing to get Bang to celebrate with some karaoke!
On our star-studded team is Ho Chi Minh City native, Bao. A graduate of ITEC University and one very talented developer, Bao does not shy away from challenges or tests of logic and skill. Don't be deceived by this smiley NIFTer; he loves badminton and chess, so you better bring your A game if he invites you to a match!
Benjamin Tan
With over ten years of experience in running projects varying from the design and deployment of software solutions to the creation of extensions for existing systems, Benjamin has a passion for helping end-users achieve operational efficiency simply and easily. A need for his experience brought him from Singapore to Brunei where he has lived and worked for the past six years; now located in Vietnam, we are lucky to welcome Ben and his expertise to the NIFTIT family. He enjoys relaxing with a good book and a nice cup of coffee, but that comes second to spending time with his wife and son!
Chau (or Mi Chu, as she’s known to friends), helps keep the NIFTIT office running smoothly as part of the administrative department. A current student at Cong Nghiep University, Chau spends her time away from the office and from school checking out the newest horror and action films. If scary movies aren’t your style, don’t worry; challenge this NIFTer to a board game to get to know her better.
A graduate of Gonzaga University and a current resident of Washington State, Courtney contributes her communication and sales prowess to NIFTIT's global team. Helping people make strong and valuable interpersonal connections is a passion of hers, and one that she utilizes fully with each project she manages. You'll find her devouring all gummy candy in sight to keep her PM powers at their strongest.
Craig is from the north of England where people eat pies and drink real ale; it’s a bit like "Lord of the Rings," but without the wizards. He moved down to London a few years ago and loves the bustle of it all. Craig is a big fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, Italian food, and Kevin Smith movies. When he is not working, you can find him making music or coding.
Dina Le
Recently joining the NIFTIT Vietnam office from France, this Marseille-native’s appreciation for tech began with an early love for science fiction novels and film (she’s not saying that robots won’t take over the world someday…). Dina is busy becoming a Cisco expert and a systems pro for the company, all alongside learning more about the new country she and her family currently call home.
Dom is NIFTIT’s passionate and talented Chief Operations Officer. Recently settled in NY from Washington State, Dom comes with years of field experience in front- and back-end development across platforms such as MVC, ASP.net, SharePoint, and iOS development. Moreover, his expertise as a SharePoint Technologies Consultant has led to numerous successful projects for Fortune 500 companies.
A graduate of Approtrain Aptech, Hao brings major ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, and JavaScript framework knowledge to the team. He is always up for learning about the newest and best tech, especially if some coffee is involved. Hoa is an active guy who loves playing sports just as much as spending time coding with some good tunes.
Hao Pham Phung
With Steve Jobs as a role model, Hao knows that putting in the time and effort is what will make him stand out in the tech world. A Ho Chi Minh City native working as a junior web developer in NIFTIT’s Vietnam office, he puts his software engineering degree to good use each day and wows the team with his C#.NET knowledge. Hao’s hobby outside of work is playing Chinese chess, which is a game that rewards patience and logical thinking. We think Steve would approve.
Fluent in French, Vietnamese, and English (and almost Dutch), Hung uses his impressive understanding of people, cultures, and languages to both plan events and assist with marketing campaigns around the world. Joining the team from Brussels, Belgium, where he received his master’s in corporate management, he truly enjoys to travel; in fact, you may see him making his way around the world with only his backpack and his bicycle someday! He’s a jokester in and out of the office (just ask his little brother!), but you can always count on this NIFTer to put his all into a project and fully support his team.
The promise of an unlimited supply of chai tea and granola bars brought her to NIFTIT, but she's stuck around to develop a division of the company into a powerful force in the marketing realm. Jessica is a true pro when it comes to bringing people together and identifying opportunities, both of which are talents she has used to connect the NIFTIT team with amazing organizations and individuals around the world. We're not sure how she does it all, but we have a theory about a secret trick to a 25 hour day...
CEO and co-founder of NIFTIT, Khoa takes pride in empowering users, providing the best IT services and products in the industry, and working with NIFTIT’s team of superstars! Originally from France, Khoa has over nine years of web development experience and a proven track record of leading IT teams to successful project completion. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in SharePoint Technologies and a frequent technical blogger.
Linh Nguyen
A Hanoi girl majoring in tourism and fascinated by the rush of entrepreneurship, Linh uses her unique interests to create intriguing articles and content for NIFTIT's marketing team. Administrator of her own WordPress, Facebook page, and Instagram account, Linh not only knows what will draw a broad audience, but also how to best share it on today's most popular social media platforms. She's a tech girl at heart; if you need to find her, reaching out online is your best bet (unless she's enjoying a daydream, that is)!
A graduate of The University of Science, this Ho Chi Minh City native is an ace front-end developer on the team. A swimmer in her spare time, Linh brings that same energy and focus to the office – whether it be to tackle the project at hand or to show-up the rest of the NIFTers at a game of foosball. If you’re ever in need of a smile, get red in the face with this NIFTer while laughing along to her favorite game shows.
Ly Le
A “self-made man” of many interests, Ly fills several rolls for the NIFTIT team. A developer first and foremost, this French-native devours code just as quickly as he does the many delicious dishes he creates and serves during his downtime in Ho Chi Minh City. Ly may not have a favorite sports team, but he’s no stranger to competition; challenge this guy with a coding task, an eating contest, or a game of bowling to see what we mean!
Nghi is a key member of NIFTIT’s creative team, bringing major UI/UX design skills to the table. She’s also known for her talents in communication design, where she lends an eye to branding, editorial, and typography projects. Though she studied at Van Lang University, the people around her and the infinite realm of the Internet are her true teachers. When not at the office filling up on coffee, she can be found working on her illustrations with her cat and sipping tea (her actual drink of choice).
Having worked with SharePoint since 2006, Hoang Nhut has amassed impressive knowledge of the 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions. Not only does he bring his developer skills to the team, but also his enviable managerial and consulting talents as well; Hoang Nhut has worked as a technical consultant on significant migration projects from Lotus Notes to SharePoint for multinational organizations. Today, he’s our SharePoint Technical Leader and Consultant, providing expertise on SharePoint architecture when he isn’t spending time with the two amazing ladies in his life – his lovely daughter and his beautiful wife!
The smoothest voice on the NIFTIT roster, Phi-Lac, our Chief Technology Officer, grew up on France’s coastline and studied IT in its capital city. A connoisseur of fine whiskey and video games, he’s just as crafty in the office; with over five years of experience with multinational companies, Phi-Lac helps NIFTIT navigate the ups and downs of running a global business. He boasts a strong background in Storage SAN/NAS and virtualization, and he has also worked with both Windows and Linux environments, making him polyvalent.
When you grow up where the famously cinematic Vietnamese film "I See Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass" was filmed, it's hard not to fall into photography. Phong loves to capture the moment, and he lives by the saying, "You can't change your past, but the future is in your hands." This explains his drive at work; a graduate of Aprotrain Aptech, Phong is skilled at ASP.Net, AngularJS, and JavaScript, all of which he uses daily as an indispensable member of our SharePoint development team.
A student at ITEC studying international education, Quan juggles many roles in his day-to-day life, but NIFTIT knows him as a talented web developer and as the resident crusher of Red Bull in the office. Ask him about his comic book character nickname for a taste of this NIFTER’s sense of humor, imagination, and impressive knowledge of thriller literature from manga to Sherlock Holmes - and everything in between.
Sang is a true developer at heart. His curiosity for all things tech brought him from Ho Chi Minh’s University of Science to NIFTIT, where he tinkers around with HTML, CSS, JS, Java, and SQL. He’s a meticulous organizer, which benefits his efforts in expanding his experience with software testing. He’s a traveler at heart, but his heart belongs to his family; he’s the guy you’ll see smiling and listening to music on a walk, so do yourself a favor and smile right back at this talented NIFTer.
A 2013 graduate of Vietnam’s University of Natural Sciences with a degree in software engineering, Tan is a web developer with strong skills in HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery (Angular JS and Meteor JS framework), and CSS (Bootstrap). He’s also known around the office for his talent in branding and design workflow for SharePoint 2013. Though he lives in Ho Chi Minh City, his interests lie in US and UK pop culture; Tan is a Manchester United supporter, as well as a fan of America’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. "Do you smell what The Rock is cookin'?"
Tram Nguyen
Though her interests were initially in marketing management, Tram was quickly drawn to the creative outlet offered to her by the world of design. She has spent the past two years honing her skills through determination and self-study, and she continues to grow as a designer by working to master the newest techniques. Professional goals aside, Tram works to better herself and the world around her through her charity group, the ASM Project. Whether it be through her creative work or through her philanthropy, this NIFTer has a talent for bringing beauty to the world around her.
Hailing from Kien Giang, Vietnam, the team can always count on Tuan to bring his charm and wit (and true talent, of course) to collaborative projects. Skilled in both SharePoint and .NET, he brings two years of experience to the company and is expanding his knowledge by continuing his studies at HUTECH. An avid soccer player, you can find him on the field when taking a break from his busy schedule.
Uy Lam
Uy moved to Saigon from the Mekong Delta. He studied Corporate Communications at Hoa Sen University, and has enjoyed living and working in the city's fast-paced environment ever since. Collecting experiences as a teacher, a tour guide, and an event organizer, he is now a Junior Marketer at NIFTIT where he puts his creativity and people-skills to the test every day at the office. When he isn't contributing his talents to the marketing team, you can find him outside, trying new activities and engaging with different sports teams in the area.

Speaking Engagement

facilitating sharepoint conversations in the
Vietnamese community

We are a group of passionate SharePoint developers who are dedicated to facilitating conversations about various topics related to SharePoint development.

What began as a SharePoint user group in Brooklyn has now expanded into Vietnam where our team there has been welcomed by an amazing SharePoint community. We have since established a Vietnam SharePoint User Group to help foster this network of talented individuals; VNSPUG is a free monthly meeting during which SharePoint professionals present on and discuss various topics related to SharePoint development.


NIFTIT also works closely with the entrepreneurs of Ho Chi Minh City through Young Entrepreneurs Saigon (YES). Created in March of 2015, this organization further connects professionals and those interested in networking in the HCMC area.


If you are interested in speaking at, attending, or sponsoring an event, please connect with us via the Contact section. We would love to hear from you!


Our work with non-profits is not limited to the office; NIFTIT is proud to support the organizations its team holds dear through a philanthropic initiative we call GIFTIT.

Launched in March 2014, GIFTIT is a quarterly philanthropy program initiated by NIFTIT members with the humble purpose of celebrating and supporting the work of the amazing non-profit organizations in our diverse local communities. GIFTIT was born out of the desire to positively impact the cities we call home and the lives of our fellow neighbors.

giftit blog
From The Heart: What NIFTers Have To Say About Community and Service