The Art of Using Microsoft BI Tools for Analyzing

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posted by Ngoc Anh
on Apr 21, 2017

Power BI (Power Business Intelligence) is a set of business analytics tools that analyze data and present insights that matter to the organization in rich and interactive data visualization. Power BI tools are also responsive – you can easily access your data and reports from anywhere with any devices using the Power BI apps. At NIFTIT, we are excited about how Power BI provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. Here’s why you should be excited about it too!


Bring your data to life


Microsoft BI Tools for Analyzing

Let’s say you are a data analyst. You are responsible for delivering reporting and analytics to your organization. In this case, Power BI helps reduce the time spent gathering and analyzing the data as Power BI has the capabilities to combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services with visual tools. Specifically, the tools are designed with features that fixes data quality and format issues automatically. In fact, with over 20 built-in visuals and vibrant collections of custom visualizations, Microsoft Power BI tools have the power to create stunning reports. For that reason, it can communicate your message efficiently and bring your data to life.


Analytics solutions for your whole organizationMicrosoft BI Tools for Analyzing

Since Power BI tools reduce a lot of workload from your hands i.e. gathering data from multiple sources, you can now focus on what matters. Like reporting key insights that are essential to your organization. Another good news, the consistency across reporting and analysis is guaranteed when using Power BI tools. To illustrate, you can view the features below:


The art of using Microsoft BI tools for analyzing

In summary, with Power BI tools, you can reduce risks, increase the authenticity of data, and unlock important insights for your organization. Therefore, you can make more informed decisions. Here’s an example of financial performance report from Microsoft:

Microsoft BI Tools for Analyzing

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