What Is A Web Testing?

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posted by Sang Le
on Feb 07, 2018

A web application can be an e-commerce platform or just to share information. It becomes more and more popular with a technology which is constantly evolving. It’s always a challenge to meet the user needs in term of performance, design, and security. The testing is an important part to provide to our customer a reliable web application. So web testing is required at multiple milestones of a project and QA are involved in the entire project. We are going to describe the different elements that a QA has to review for a web application.


The purpose of this web testing is to test all the functionalities of a web site such as:


  • To ensure that all the link is working.


  • Make sure the web site can query the database correctly.


  • Forms are used to receive information from users and to interact with them.

Business workflow

  • Workflow testing is performed to make sure that each workflow process accurately reflects the business process.



  • Check for spelling or grammatical error.
  • All contents of the page:  g., Font size, style, and color for headline, description text, labels, infield data, and grid info should be standard as specified in SRS.


  • The QC should also perform the web test navigation controls (such as the main menu/left navigation, button, text box, link, bread crumbs…)

Accessibility testing

  • It can help many people can use the website, such as people with disabilities.


A web application can have different behavior based on the browser used or operating system. We also called this step “cross-browser testing.” So, the web site has to be tested on each browser, different platform, and sometimes different version. Each browser has their pros and cons. In another hand, the website has to be compatible with all the screen size (mobile/tablet/desktop screen). We say the web site has to be responsive. NIFTIT use BrowerStack to perform this web testing. It a popular tool that you can find at this following link. It allows you to review your web application on a bunch of different platforms.

web testing

BrowserStack allows test on the public website, private or protected servers through the local testing.

Here an example with iPhone7 (iOS10)

Web testing

Here another example:

web testing


Load testing

  • Test the performance of your application and check if there any issue with the code. If the web application is too slow, it will impact the user experience.

Stress testing

  • To push the system outside its limit and try to push down the site by increasing the load and then monitor the system behavior.


Security testing is important to keep the system protected from malicious activities on the web. So, few things should be tested:

  • Authentication
  • InputValidation
  • SessionManagement
  • Encryption
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • LDAP injection
  • XPATH injection


Compatibility Testing: http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/software-compatibility-testing/
Business workflow: https://www.guru99.com/workflow-testing.html

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