Why You Should Create a SharePoint Site for Your Project

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posted by Jessica
on Jan 10, 2018

Many organizations opt for Microsoft SharePoint to help improve organization’s effectiveness by streamlining the management of and access to data. However, SharePoint has a lot more to offer than just a document management and storage system. Take SharePoint site as a project management tool, for example.

SharePoint is an amazing collaborative platform that is highly configurable, providing a more coordinated environment to track and manage project between team members. You can easily set up your project site to match your project management processes and share it with your team. Here are few things that you can do with a SharePoint site for your next project:

Configure Project Management Process with Quick Launch

SharePoint Site

Are your team members new to SharePoint site? You can easily tailor the site to mimic your existing project management processes. You can add different lists and apps to manage all aspects of your projects, including project issues, risks, tasks, goals, change requests, status reports, and more. By creating a site that similar to your existing processes, not only the site be more effective for project management, but the team is more likely to accept the tool when they recognize familiar process and terminology.

Manage Tasks with Work Management Lists and Dashboards

Be in the know at all times about how your project’s progressing. For team members, ‘My Work’ feature help connect team members to their work. The reports allow them to view all work they are responsible for and make sure they are aware whether the task is coming up, overdue, etc.  As team members work on the project and update their tasks, the project manager can quickly view the progress of the project via the dashboard.

Sync Project Schedule to SharePoint Site with Microsoft Project

The SharePoint Tasks List synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft Project Professional Desktop, extending the project management capabilities of both SharePoint and Project. With this feature, the project manager can manage the project schedule in Microsoft Project and then sync that information back to the project site where the team can access the plan and manage their work.

Store and Share Resources Safely on Document Library

 SharePoint Site

SharePoint gives you great governance over documents, with authoring, version control, check-in / check-out and approval workflows. Working on the same document as your team members? Fret not, SharePoint ensures that everyone is working on the same up-to-date document.

Automate Project Processes with Workflow

Improve organizational efficiency and productivity by automating the tasks and steps involved in the project. This enables team members to concentrate on performing the actual work. Workflows, when applied correctly, can also help team members to adhere to consistent project management processes.


In summary, SharePoint is a powerful project management solution. With its out-of-the-box capabilities, it sets you on the right footing to successfully manage projects in a more effective and productive manner.

Thinking to use a SharePoint site for your next project? You can simply build your own or start with free project management templates for SharePoint and Office 365 created by BrightWork.