14 Big Changes in Microsoft Outlook for Web

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posted by Truong Nguyen
on Sep 05, 2019

If you’re bored with the current version of Microsoft Outlook, you might be changing your mind soon with the new Outlook UX! Microsoft has shared that they will be updating Outlook for web, and this overhaul will include several improvements to the look and feel of the email service.

Once the new updates for Outlook are available worldwide, users will be able to try many new modes and features. We’ve broken down the exciting changes for you below! 

1. “Categories” 

You can now create categories to easily tag, find, and organize emails. If you deal with a large amount of email in your work, then Categories will help you identify the specific email you want to read in the list by allowing you to add multiple categories to a message, add a category as a favorite, or use Search to find it. 

2. Dark Mode

Working in the evening/nighttime is harmful to your eyes because you have to look at the bright screen for long periods of time. By switching on the newly available dark mode, you can help keep your eyes healthy by giving them a break from stark white screen backgrounds. 

3. Expressions 

Emoji and GIFs will be available in Outlook. Add these to any message that could use a dose of humor. 

4. Favorites 

Pin what is most important to you – whether that is a frequent contact, a group, or a category – to Favorites for quick access.  

5. Easily Return to Drafts 

Outlook will create a tab for you when you draft a new email. You can start as many tabs as you want, and they will be stored unobtrusively at the bottom of the screen so that you can take care of other business items in your mailbox before easily returning to your messages when ready.  

6. Calendar Search 

The new Outlook for web allows you to search for a person, keyword, or location across multiple calendars. You can also adjust the calendar(s) or the timeframe you want to search by using the filter; the results will appear in the range you customized.  

7. Quickly Schedule Events 

It is now even easier to create a meeting! One click will take you to the scheduling form where you can enter the basic information for your upcoming meeting, such as attendees, meeting space, and suggested time. 

8. Today’s Focus 

With so much going on in your workspace, it can be hard to keep track of what is demanding your time next! The new Outlook update will dedicate more of your calendar area to your immediate future – today and tomorrow – so that you can better prepare for what is on the horizon.  

9. Snooze Your Emails 

The new Outlook will allow you to snooze emails when you don’t have time to read them. Once you snooze a message, Outlook will leave the message in your inbox as an unread email and notify you again according to your selected day and time. 

10. Month View 

The new Outlook offers an improved month-view on your calendar that will help you best utilize the time until your next calendar event.  

11. Arrange Online Meetings 

The updated Outlook allows you to generate online meetings three different ways: 

  • A dropdown menu to “Add online meeting” allows you to select between a Skype or Teams meeting. 
  • A toggle to create a Skype meeting. 
  • A toggle to create a Teams meeting. 

12. Join an Online Meeting from the Event Peek 

One click will allow you to join a meeting from the event peek, which makes attending an online call on-the-go even easier.  

13. See Attendees’ Meeting Responses 

The new Outlook has a quick breakdown in the event peek that shows the response status for each invited attendee. By using the event peek, you can view the attendees’ details if the meeting has less than three people, or you can view a summary of responses if there are more attendees. 

14. Sync Tasks with To-Do 

The Outlook overhaul will bring you the new Task experience, which allows you to sync your tasks with To-Do and a few Office applications. A fun feature for those of you who like to flag messages to remember to action/read them later is that now, with the updated Outlook, flagged emails will be moved to the “Flagged Emails” list and turned into a task in To-Do. 


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