2016 Most-Read Blog Posts: Tech Startup in Vietnam

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posted by Jessica
on Dec 20, 2016

The tech startup scene in Asia, especially in Vietnam is growing fast and boosting the nation’s economy. Looking back at our blog posts in 2016, the popular ones are related to this exciting tech scene. Here’s a list of the most widely read posts on our NIFTIT blog in 2016.

5 Saigon Co-Working Spaces You Should Visit

In a hectic city like Ho Chi Minh City, it is difficult for young company founders and digital freelancers to find a cheap and comfortable place to base their company or simply to work from. while working from cafés is an option, the noises can be distracting and it’s not as personal as having your own space. In the past year, multiple co-working spaces have been popping up in the capital of Vietnam to address this issue. Check them out here.



Top 5 Hanoi Co-working Spaces for True Creators

hanoi coworking space
Known for the tech hub of Vietnam, Hanoi produces many startup founders and brilliant talents. The city has also become one of the top destination for digital nomads from around the world. Naturally, co-working spaces are popular for these communities. Check out some of the popular co-working spaces in town here.



Vietnam Startup Ecosystem In A Nutshell

vietnam startup ecosystem
Vietnam is one of the fastest growing middle class in Southeast Asia as reported by Boston Consulting Group. Both foreign and local investors notice the promise of another ‘Silicon Valley’ and have started pouring money, making Vietnam one of the most intriguing startup scenes in the region.



[Infographic] 50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have

small business website features must have
A website can and should be much more than a business card. If you want customers to find you on the internet and choose you over your competition, here’s what you need to remember: on the internet you are not alone. Your competition is on the internet, too. Here are some must have features that you need to add to your website.



Top 15 Most-Funded Startups in Vietnam

top vietnam startups
Startups in Vietnam, especially e-commerces, are playing a huge role in Vietnam’s burgeoning tech scene. Conservative estimates put last year’s e-commerce revenues around US$500 million, while some more liberal analysts believe the figure is as high as US$1 billion, according to Tech in Asia.