2017 to 2018: A New Beginning

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posted by Jessica
on Dec 12, 2017

As we are approaching another brand new page of our journey, that is the year 2018, we’re looking back to the past twelve months of challenges and accomplishments. From launching new products, hosting online and offline community events, and organizing charity projects with NGOs in Vietnam, NIFTIT is proud to continuously moving forward and growing as a solid team of experts in this industry while giving back to the community at the same time.

2017 Highlights


NIFTIT worked on great products that are set to gain traction for 2018. 

NIFTIT Jumpstart Package

NIFTIT Jumpstart Package 1.2

This SharePoint package was introduced in 2016 and has now been deployed few dozen times to customers across the globe. This package provides new SharePoint and Office 365 users with the ability to deployed a fully-branded environment. NIFTIT experts are reviewing and working directly with the clients in order to ensure that the final solution is matching their needs. Learn more about NIFTIT Jumpstart Package here.

NIFTIT Office 365 support

Over the years, NIFTIT has developed great relationships with small and medium-sized businesses internationally. We are proud to serve them better by providing a service package that offers a comprehensive support for Office 365 business users. Our team of experts is ready to help you setting up and maintaining your Office 365 platform so that you can focus on running your business. Learn more about our Office 365 support here.


Last but not least is UPTEAMIST, our first ever SAAS platform deployed in December 2017. Upteamist is an application on Office 365 which allows the creation and management of true intranets for your organization. It utilizes Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory for user authentication. If you are using Office 365, then you are one click away from joining your intranet site. Upteamist features a minimalist platform that ensures your team can access the right information quickly and easily. No headaches and no heavy management required. Get the free trial for your team here.

Communities & Webinars 

In June 2017, NIFTIT launched a webinar series on Microsoft Office 365 and its products. It is a great way to share some of our knowledge and news about the technical community. Moreover, our regular SharePoint meetups in Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong are still gaining members and the team at NIFTIT is incredibly dedicated to providing such dynamism to the community. 


NIFTIT was able to provide probono engagement to some amazing organizations this year. One that we are especially proud of is our collaboration with Da Nha. Da Nha is an NGO based in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam, that aims to help marginalized and vulnerable groups by providing sustainable development. Active since November 2000, Da Nha started their work in 2013 by developing agricultural projects for the ethnic minorities of K’ho Ma and Tay. Today, the non-profit organization has expanded their activities to the areas of education, healthcare, sanitation, eco-system protection, and more. 

pro-bono Da Nha Project

Da Nha came to NIFTIT looking to have a public website designed and developed that would promote their brand. They wanted a site that would showcase their amazing projects across the country in an effort to increase both donations and sales of their organic products.   


At NIFTIT, we always strive to provide the best service for our clients – and to do that, we’re investing in our team to be the best at what they do. This year, we helped few members of our team to get certifications in various technical fields (Microsoft Azure certification, AWS certification, and more). We also encourage everyone to always be curious and seek for self-improvement by providing access to online resources, onsite training and books. Additionally, we’re always looking for fresh talent to join our team so we restarted our partnership program with universities in Vietnam and France. We’ve been getting some of the best interns at our Ho Chi Minh City office. You can read about one of our intern journey at NIFTIT here.

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2018 Roadmap

Consolidate Our Consulting Services

In our early years, NIFTIT has explored various stacks and technologies. We developed great applications on platforms such as Azure Clouds and Microsoft Office 365. With these experts in our belt, we are confident to work on more web applications projects that offer flexibility and reliability to our clients (and also at a competitive price).

Double down on products


As mentioned in the 2017 highlights, we are excited to be working on awesome tools that can help businesses of all sizes. Our SharePoint Jumpstart solution for intranet customization will be revisited and additional features will be introduced for collaboration. Meanwhile, UPTEAMIST, our primary product, will be ready to launch soon to provide an alternative to SharePoint platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

NIFTIT Hong Kong

The leadership team spent two years developing a Microsoft Office 365 community in Hong Kong and we’ve seen quite interesting opportunities from 2017. We are pleased to continue our relationship in this great territory. Want to learn more about NIFTIT Hong Kong? Drop us a message.