4 Steps To Get Up And Running With Microsoft Find Time

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Jul 24, 2016

I just discover this nifty and free tool (if you read my article, you might know how well I enjoy free) called Microsoft Find Time.
Here is the real life scenario where I got to schedule a meeting for few people across different organizations and time zones. I used to send out a doodle or Google survey but now that Microsoft Find Time is available, it makes it quick and easy to track down your tasks.


Find Time is available for:

  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook Online
  • Outlook for mac


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1. Installation


Microsoft find time installation

If you haven’t installed the application yet, go to https://findtime.microsoft.com or click here to install for free.


O365 login screencap

You will be requested to sign in using your Office 365 user account.


microsoft find time installation success find time

If you are mainly using the outlook client, you will be requested to restart the program. You should be able to see the new “Meeting Poll” from the Message tab.


2. Create a Find Time invitation


Add-ins Microsoft Find time

The online version would require you to click on “Add-ins” first.


options Find Time Microsoft

Based on the user availability, it will provide you few options that you can select from.


3. Review the Find Time request


Microsoft Find Time

You will then receive a notification where you can see the status of the current request.


4. Confirm and Schedule


Microsoft Find Time finish

Based on the results, you will be able to schedule the session via a one-click button that will trigger an automated calendar invite.


To conclude, Microsoft proves again its ability to create great collaboration tool and integrate them to the Office 365 platform. With recent roll-out of Skype for Business web application or MS Planner, Office 365 users do get a very pertinent and competitive offer.