5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Office 365 Is Essential

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Jul 02, 2016

Microsoft kindly provides a nonprofit version of their Office 365 (O365) business essential and E1 package to qualified nonprofit. You can check your eligibility now here. If you haven’t tried out Office 365 for your non-profits, perhaps this post will help you make the switch.


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For those who have never heard of Office 365, it is a Microsoft platform that groups the following tool:

  • Exchange Online
  • Office Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • And many more


1. Your own domain email (because it’s hard to trust a @gmail.com)

It could seem such a small detail but owning your custom @organization.org email will definitely consolidating the legitimacy of your organization to partners, donors, and team members. On top, all emails, contacts, and calendar will be powered by Exchange online offering up to 5 0GB of storage per user. Many nonprofit organizations work with are using the Outlook desktop client and custom webmail server for years. NIFTIT helped them switch to an Office 365 environment and switch to the full immersive web version. The adoption was incredibly fast, and users are now able to access their mail reliably from anywhere and on any devices.


2. Create, Store, and Share your work

You need to store files and work on them on a daily basis. This is where One Drive for Business and Office Online (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) come to the rescue. You can store and share up to 1TB of data per user so work and as long as those are Microsoft type files, you will be able to edit them online without buying the client version. And yes, Office Online will work on mobiles and tablets too.


3. Meet and Greet

If your team have doctors, teachers, operation staff and heroes all around the world, then you will be able to setup online meeting using Skype for Business in few clicks. Microsoft recently changed the tool to be a lot more web friendly and cross-compatible which will make it easy for your team to quickly meet up.


4. Collaboration and Centralization

If you need one more reason to jump on O365 here is a good one. If you ever need to release internal announcements, share organization’s wise reports, publish new HR policies, collect data from forms or display a team directory then you can leverage the power of SharePoint. At NIFTIT, we implemented and helped dozens of nonprofit used SharePoint online in order to consolidate and empower their organization. The SharePoint platform can be easily setup to adhere to your company governance and security policies.


5. It’s free

As long as you are a qualified nonprofit, Office 365 is totally free.


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