7 Christmas Adverts That Tell You Must-haves and Must-dos In The Season

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Dec 23, 2016

Santa Claus is coming to town! And he appears in different “shapes” and “sizes,” also personalities. Sometimes funny, hilarious, sometimes kind and gentle, at times naughty and very, I mean obviously, lovely. That is just because the images of him are created by various companies who want to promote themselves this holiday season. Here are the 10 Christmas Adverts that NIFTIT thinks you should probably check out. Well, you don’t need Mr.Claus, elves, or even Coca-cola to tell you It’s Christmas! Ho Ho Ho …

1. Eflorist Teleflora

Let’s warm-up with this familiar image of a typical family anywhere in the world. A three-child family, two always quarrel, the smallest makes the parents gone lose (and vomit straight to daddy’s face). Anyways, the highlight and also center of the video is the “lively” and “tiny” grandparents standing and talking in the middle of a flower basket. What is more obvious to show that your family cannot meet the grands this holiday season than a video call? I mean, it’s right there so clear that the video calls are so common in this rapid internet world that grandpas and mas using them to tell they cannot come to their children’s place. It’s a cool way to advertise Eflorist Teleflora, which sends your lovely flowers to the recipients with e-notes.

2. Apple

Okay, here it is! The big lonesome “Frankie” in the holiday uses the iPhone 7 to record the sound of a typical Christmas rhythm and watch what he did to it. How heart-warming! No one is lonelier than Frankenstein. But, he knows how to make himself feel better. Thanks to the Apple iPhone 7 recording function. What a great message Apple wants their client to feel this holiday “Open your heart to everyone.”

3. eBay UK

For an e-commerce platform, eBay UK is considered having made a very successful commercial on this special occasion. The concept is at a sports hall of any high school, where the Christmas Disco is occurring and also showing the diversity of student lives through this image. Each of them does their own thing, but all relate to a very “millennial” way. From kissing scene, dancing, hanging out to what most of the girl squads usually do in the toilet these days. They all got listed on eBay but, noted, “change all the time.”

4. Amazon

Let’s give a huge round of applause for Amazon, another e-commerce site, this time. Everybody thinks of praying and masses during this time of the year. How they’re going to dress to the mass, how they invite others to join them, how they will meet and greet with each other as well. But how many people dig deep and think about if the jobs of a Priest and an Imam is hard in this holiday season, how will they be able to be on their knees to pray for hours? Well, Amazon’s here to save the day. They think up of a warm and cozy conversation between a Priest and an Imam, but that’s not all! Watch this video and see how Amazon brings all religions together.

5. M&S marks and spencer

Oh so far so good this is my favorite advertisement among all of the 2016 Christmas campaigns. We all know Mr.Claus a.k.a. Santa Claus but not all would believe in the existence of Mrs.Claus. She does all the preparation, the cheers and also reminding Australia (which always goes the different weather to most of the places in the world) to her husband before he flies away. “Any last minute request?”, asked Mr.Claus. How “naughty” of Mrs. Claus to answer “No, just bills” when she’s read a cover of a letter says the recipient is her. The story behind it is more than a phenomenon. All the high-tech she uses, the clothes from M&S she wears and even how she hush Tiger, the pet at the boy’s house when putting down the present under the Christmas tree. P.s she also flies but not with Rudolph, by R-Dolf the silent helicopter. #LoveMrsClaus #FlyInStyle

6. Samsung

Another big name in the technology company, Samsung. Christmas is all about giving and taking. Presents are the key of the celebrations. If you cannot think of any of the gifts that you’re going to buy (in case you and your receiver are techies), Samsung knows exactly what you need. A camera ball, a running watch, a waterproof smartphone, sportswear, and of course, VR (Virtual Reality). As they say, “It’s not just a gift. It’s a possibility.”

7. John Lewis

#BusterTheBoxer is just the cutest thing on earth! Well, humans never imagine that pets also celebrate the holiday, like us. John Lewis is an e-commerce site and also has huge Christmas ad campaigns every year round. Last year, their Youtube channel uploaded the Christmas campaign #ManOnTheMoon and gained more than 28 Million views. This year the success continues with #BusterTheBoxer with more than 24 Million views within more than a month. Their message sent out this year is much more heart-warming because it somehow represents the spirit of an animal rather than just the mainstream human feelings like other campaigns. 1 thumbs-up for John Lewis this year!

That’s a wrap! Those are the 7 Youtube video marketing campaigns for 2016 Christmas holiday that we think you should probably check out. There’re some funny, some touching and some very persuasively informative (that means they succeed, right?). More or less, in 24 hours ahead, we are celebrating Christmas Eve and NIFTIT would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a nifty New Year. Stick around for more fun at the end of the year with NIFTIT site right here.