9 Fundraising Tools Non-Profits Should Know

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posted by Hiep
on Oct 30, 2015

The ALS Association’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” resulted in $41.8 million in donations from over 739,000 donors in a single month; this was more than double the $19.4 million the association received during the year that ended on January 31, 2013.

Innovative ideas in fundraising are huge. Traditionally, non-profits host events to which locals are invited to learn more about the organization and – hopefully – make a contribution to the cause. At these events, homemade souvenirs can be sold, items can be auctioned, and even small concerts with local artists can draw attendees. Over time, alternative means of fundraising have proven effective that utilize media campaigns and technological tools. With all of these available options, choosing a suitable solution for your non-profit is becoming a difficult task.

While finding the perfect fit for your organization takes time and research, we have a list of nine tech tools recommended by Nonprofit Tech for Good to help bring attention – and funds – to your cause in the meantime.


Snap Donate Non-Profits

Quickly scanning a charity logo with a smartphone will lead the donors through the recognition process to a panel where he/she can select the amount to donate.


Promise or Pay

Promise or Pay Non-Profits

It works like “The Ice Bucket Challenge,” but instead of challenging someone else to donate, individuals make promises themselves and donate to participating non-profits.




If you are also a non-governmental organization, OnGood is worth investigating. It enables users from around the world to donate in over 80 currencies. You need to validate your organization through the site to officially become part of the community.


Kids Give

Kids give

If you working to end child abuse and violence against youths, Kids Give is here to help. Being the first crowd-funding platform for Australian youth, it empowers kids to help other kids through commitment and action.


Good World


How can we quickly spread the word to people around the world? Good World has a great solution by adapting hashtags to facilitate the fundraising process. Simply use #Donate in status updates and tweets and donations will be on the way.


Give App

GIve App

Give’s goal is to be a platform for non-profit self-promotion and to make charitable giving simple, secure, and tax-deductible. Also, its event builder can help non-profits create fundraisers and receive tax-free donations.


Dollar A Day


It’s like putting a dollar each day into the piggy bank, but with Dollar A Day, you’re putting your dollars in piggy banks around the world to benefit those truly in need.




Once again, Twitter is at the forefront for fundraising. With Charitweet, all you have to do is tell your Twitter followers to send tweets (or retweets) that include “@Charitweet” and “@CharityName” as well as the “$(Amount). ”



@ pay

Donations are made using @Pay with just two swipes on the mobile screen. Donors are required to fill in either an email adress or phone number to confirm the transaction.