These 9 non-profits will tell you how to use Pinterest

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posted by Hiep
on Nov 24, 2015

Even in the non profits world, the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. If you are not fully prepared for it, if you are not actively looking for ways to gain advantages, you will soon see yourself being left behind.

That’s why while many are working on Facebook or Twitter as their main ways to reach people thanks to high network and interaction of those social websites, some of them change the direction and utilize other sites like Pinterest. It’s like learning a new language though; you may have to set aside some time concentrating on getting to know the new network and methods of making yourself appeal to viewers. Sounds time-consuming, but the result worths the effort.

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However, there are two principles that every non-profits have to follow, no matter what social network platform they are using. First, the viewers have to get a clear understanding about the company, including the mission, company culture and characteristics. Second, non-profits have to gain audiences’ sympathy and support using well-crafted and carefully-planned content. If you lost your word, you lost your people – it’s simple as that.

These 9 examples apply the principles well by using unique approaches and therefore gain recognition and reputation. If you are currently organizing your own Pinterest account but it is nowhere near beneficial, you may want to look at these peers.

Personal Ink (P.INK)

Pink non profits

Quickly scanning a charity logo with a smartphone will lead the donors through the recognition process to a panel where he/she can select the amount to donate.


The Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation non profits

People say Pinterest is all about pinning images, but Bill Gates (or the admin of the account) says the different. The Gates Foundation shares its favorite inspiring videos on Pinterest account, including speeches of the Gates family at TED Talks. The stories are better conveyed by this method.


The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project non-profits

Brand awareness is one of the ultimate goals when using social networking site for marketing, and The Trevor Project uses all of what they have to do just that, including their own merchandise “Trevor Gear”. You can easily find the company logo on daily objects that they sell such as T-shirts, wristbands or buttons.



APSCA Non-Profits

Getting the traffic to Pinterest account can be a headache, but ASPCA (abbreviation for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) finds a way to easily leverage new audiences, just by saying thanks. They use Pinterest to express gratitude to its sponsors, like West Elm and Subaru. By this way, they give their supporters something to share about; it not only builds up the sponsor images but also guides the viewers to ASPCA site. Like killing two birds with one stone.


Operation Smile

Operation Smile Non-Profits

Just like ASPCA, but instead of mentioning sponsors for credit, Operation Smile has a dedicated board to those celebrities who support the organization, including those who have donated, volunteered, and attended its events.


charity: water

charity: water non-profits

On the “Creative Fundraising” board, charity: water highlights their fundraisers to show appreciation. It also inspires others to be creative in how they raise the budget. Like the sponsors, board fundraisers will be sure to share the pins of their campaigns to their networks.


American Red Cross

American Red Cross non-profits

History is boring – even outside of the class. The American Red Cross, though, has a board sharing some of its milestones along the way, including the foundation year and the events it’s participating as an aid unit. And believe is or not – it catches viewers.



Jolkona Non-Profits

Jolkona sets aside a dedicated board for their pictures capturing its travels and events. It gives the audiences a closer look to what the company is doing, which gradually builds trust.


Grist’s Green Your Home

Grist Non-Profits

Grist shares environmental news on its website, but it also educates its audiences on how to be environmentally conscious. The group has a “Green Your Home” board with expert advice regarding how to reduce your carbon footprint.


Make sure you have studied these non-profits Pinterest accounts well and decide what you think is useful and likely to be applied to your own non-profits. Good luck!