What is Bing Enterprise Homepage?

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Aug 24, 2020

Microsoft just announced a new feature for enterprises that uses Office 365! Called Bing Enterprise Homepage, continue reading to learn more about this efficiency-promoting feature.

What does Bing Enterprise Homepage offer? 

According to Microsoft, Bing Enterprise Homepage is a mix of “the same Bing homepage you love” and “the work info you need.” The new feature helps you track relevant information for your organization right from the Bing homepage. With Bing Enterprise Homepage, you are able to see upcoming meetings, recent files, bookmarks, and internal company news all upon entering bing.com. 

Also helpful is the fact that this feature is not limited to Microsoft Edge. You are able to access the Enterprise Homepage on other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, as long as you are logged into your company’s Microsoft/Office 365 account. 

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Can Bing Enterprise Homepage be modified? 

If you are the IT administrator, you can edit scheduled meetings, update internal news (Org settings > Services > News), and customize the company logo if needed. Admins can also add new bookmarks to the intranet sites or turn off this feature if the organization prefers the classic homepage.  

For staff, if they don’t want to see the company info for a while, they can temporarily hide the Enterprise Homepage by clicking the chevron control on the upper left-hand side of the page. 

When and where can we use Bing Enterprise Homepage? 

Microsoft introduced Enterprise Homepage in late July of 2020, and it is available to those with commercial and educational Microsoft/Office 365 credentials. There will be more updates on this feature for both admins and users in the following months.  

Currently, Bing Enterprise Homepage is only available to users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Spain, and the United States.  


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