Hiding the Time in the Calendar View in SharePoint 2013

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Sep 08, 2014

By default, SharePoint calendar view displays the time of the event. If you want to hide it, use these two solutions I’ve listed for you.

A)    Recreate the list and modify the content type

This solution has been discussed in few blog posts (click here for example). Though it is a working solution, this requires adding columns to the list definitition

B)     Change the CSS

This method also has been discussed in multiple occasions and most of the times, the solution recommends hiding the span that surrounds the time. On SharePoint 2013, you could set display to none to your .ms-acal-time div. However, SP does change the HTML of each event item when you are overlaying calendar.

Here are the steps

  • Open SharePoint Designer
  • Open the site that contains the list that you’d like to modify
  • Open the list view
  • Locate the asp:content with ID PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead and add the following in CSS and save.


<style type=”text/css”>

.ms-acal-time {




.ms-acal-mdiv {



.ms-acal-sdiv a, .ms-acal-mdiv a, .ms-acal-ddiv a {








This CSS will also take care of the instances where calendar event item overlays are placed on the same day.