Circadia: A Foundation in Data Security

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posted by Dom Benoscek
on Dec 10, 2013

When discussing a device of this type, many important questions come up. Is it safe? What data will it retrieve? Who has access to this data? What percentage cyborg will I be after getting the device? While I will leave the questions about safety to the Grindhouse team, I wanted to speak briefly (more exhaustive discussions coming soon) on the topic of data security.


After talking with the Grindhouse team it becomes readily apparent how much focus they are giving to security. For the Circadia to gain adoption on a larger scale, both teams fully understand that security is paramount. That is why our team’s stance on data security for this project going forward is that “all data transmitted by the Circadia belongs to and is controlled by you.” You own the data, you control where it goes, and you decide whom (if anyone) to share it with.


Modern medical institutions and societal standards have long regarded biological data as very personal and private. We are aiming to meet and exceed these standards at every stage. At a high level this breaks down to:

  • How are users authenticated?
  • How will you identify a user’s specific data?
  • Who can access the data and how can they access it?
  • How is the data encrypted?
  • What if someone gets access to my data?
  • How can I share my data securely?
  • What will you do with the data I share?


By looking at security with a forward-thinking approach, always making decisions with the user’s intent as the first priority, and actively engaging in discussions with the community, we hope to convince you that security is our main priority. The Circadia is a community effort. If you have any comments on the direction we are going, please let us know.


Further details on our efforts to solve these and other security related issues will be coming in future posts.