EveryMove @ NIFTIT

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posted by Courtney Pettoello
on Dec 08, 2014

Every day is a mental marathon for us NIFTers, but we can’t forget to exercise our bodies, too. A fitness initiative was introduced during the third NIFTIT forum held in Vietnam, and while the objectives of that project have not changed, the platform with which we will be recording our progress has experienced a bit of an upgrade.

Introducing EveryMove @Work, a workplace-specific branch of the Seattle fitness tracking startup known as EveryMove. Still in Beta, NIFTIT will be one of the first 100 companies to utilize the many unique tools offered by EveryMove to bring employers and employees together in creating a healthier workplace.




What drew us to EveryMove was its mission to connect people within the workplace. While it is true that those of you in the VN and NY offices probably feel pretty close to your co-workers already, we can’t forget that we are a global team or dismiss how valuable it can be to build relationships with peers outside of your city. Through EveryMove, NIFTIT’s global family will unite in a way that promotes movement and activity; by establishing four-week long fitness challenges met with incentives, this new company has found a way to incite a little friendly competition amongst young teams like us.


At its core, EveryMove is an online activity tracker. Once everyone on the team has registered under the NIFTIT account, each NIFTer will have access to his or her individual activity feed where daily activities (everything from aqua jogging to playing Xbox) can be recorded and one is awarded points for partaking in them. Additionally, NIFTers will be able to utilize the company leaderboard, which will showcase point leaders and introduce new monthly challenges. Aside from the recognition gained for being on a winning challenge team, individuals who meet their monthly point goals will receive monetary rewards, and we plan to incorporate charity-oriented challenges as well as part of the GIFTIT initiative.


We’re pretty excited to get this initiative up and running (exercise pun!) at the start of 2015 with our New Year’s Resolution Challenge. We will have a LIFTIT session to walk you all through the EveryMove site so you are familiar with its features and how the challenges work. Enjoy all the food and family time the holidays bring, because in January NIFTIT is getting f-i-t!


What online fitness tracker do you use at work or home? Share with us in the comment box below.