Into Fablab Saigon Case Study

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posted by Danh Vo
on Aug 01, 2016

Fablab Saigon Case Study is the final presentation of Fablab branding redesign project. NIFTIT offered a full creative scope of work on researching and redesigning the Fablab core branding by client’s feedback. The project has given NIFTIT a chance to gain experience, and to prove further ourselves not only as an IT company but also a creative agency.


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A Fablab is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. It is a creative and social place to empower a local community to test and innovate. Every Fablab around the world has its unique look to present the meaning that they want to deliver, as does Fablab Saigon. Fablab Saigon briefed us that they wished to reflect a young, dynamic and enthusiastic character that specializes in technical solutions and deliveries.


During the process, the biggest challenge was to create a foundation logo that is sustainable and durable. Much of our discovery phase was spent getting to know Fablab Saigon; to understand the meaning behind the brand. We wanted to make sure that every idea we came up with was relevant to the brand.

It wasn’t the easiest project to start, as we had to come up with many logo options. These designs were refined based on client feedback, and we kept improving to reach the final client-approved result. Through this process we built a strong bond; a good relationship with its customers to make them feel comfortable, open to saying what they’re thinking. It is an important key to getting where we are now; a business friendship that is happy and honest in collaborating with each other.

Together we, NIFTIT Creative, found the solution to improve the look of the brand to make it more attractive, more professional and more recognizable with their customers. We delivered to Fablab full package that included: logo design, typography usage – a branding guideline to help Fablab use and apply their brand consistently and efficiently across every future campaign they create. We also included concepts for homepage design, t-shirt design and more!

The project was completed by the end of June, and the clients are happy with the work we delivered. Please check out how we’ve done and let us know if you have any questions – we would love to hear your feedback!



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