My Top 6 Free Websites for Keyword Research

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posted by Truong Nguyen
on Sep 03, 2020

Keyword research is one of many skills that every digital marketer has to know when it comes to developing the business website. Discovering the profitable keywords will make it easier to build content ideas, ad campaigns and reach more traffic to the website.

How to find the best keywords for SEO? You probably need a tool/website to find the best results for ranking up your business on SERP. 

In this post, I will show you my top 6 free keyword research websites and you can try them for free before paying more for your best choice. Let’s go! 

1. Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google to users, primarily for those who run Google Adwords. From digital marketers to online vendors, SME to big business, everyone can use Keyword Planner to optimize their brand online.  

With Keyword Planner, you can easily find new keywords for the Ad campaign, get the search volume and forecasts over time, see suggest bid estimates for your campaign and more.  

But everything has its pros and cons, this Google Adword keyword tool has some limitations besides its amazing features.  


  • It is totally free 
  • No limited searches a day 
  • Ad group suggestion 
  • Keyword Import/Export 


  • Search volume is the range  
  • No searching for related terms 
  • Seem difficult for beginners  

2. KWFinder 

KWFinder is a keyword research tool provided by This is one of the cheapest keyword research tools but will bring you the best experience when it comes to website SEO. You can come up with more ideas thanks to its features such as related keyword, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.  


  • Friendly and intuitive UI 
  • Detailed related keyword suggestions 
  • SERP overview 
  • Exact search volume 
  • Keyword Import/Export 


  • Limited daily searches for free user 
  • Keyword results are capped 

3. Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool developed by Neil Patel and his team. It’s an ideal tool for every SEOer. You can use Ubersuggest to view your website and competitors’ monthly traffic, backlinks, or get new keyword idea for your SEO process.  

It’s also a perfect tool for SEO beginner for its friendly UI. 


  • Friendly UI 
  • SERP overview with location-based 
  • New keywords ideas suggestion 


  • Limited daily searches for free user (you can log in to have more) 
  • Keyword and traffic are updated once a month 
  • Difficult to get results related to specific niche 

4. Twinword  

Twinword is a keyword tool for SEO and PPC marketing powered by A.I. This is one of the most affordable tools with a very competitive price. Like other keyword research tools, it also has pros and cons. 


  • Data Import 
  • Exact search volume 
  • SEO competition 


  • Only 10 keyword searches per day for free user 
  • Difficult to get results related to a specific niche 

5. Wordtracker 

Created in 1998, Wordtracker is one of the oldest keyword research tools. But its operability is not old, the tool can offer you the best results for your content ideas and Ad campaign. 

With Wordtracker, you can save tons of time in finding profitable keywords for your business, analyzing the keyword trend through time. 


  • Search volume graph 
  • In Anchor and Title (IAAT) 
  • Keyword Import/Export  
  • Discount available for all subscription plans


  • Only 50 results per search 
  • Only 12 free searches every day for free user 

6. SEMrush 

SEMRush is an effective digital marketing analytics platform that lets you learn exactly how and where your rivals have accomplished success so that you can make it better with your website as well. It’s one of the most used tools by many SEO experts.

Besides keyword research, you can also get more information of your website, including Domain analysis, Backlink analysis, Site auditing, Rank tracking, Traffic report, etc.  


  • Intuitive domain analytics 
  • Organic position report 
  • Main organic competitors report 


  • Limited daily searches for free user 
  • No responsive on the mobile device 
  • Limited results in backlink analytics 

The above is the list of my best free keyword research tools that you can try, if you have more works related to the keyword reporting and researching, a subscription is required (except Google Keyword Planner) for a better experience!  

Thanks for reading the Free Websites for Keyword Research post!

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