Can We Use G Suite with Office 365?

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posted by Phi-lac Nguyen
on Dec 05, 2018

I recently had a client who found SharePoint’s wide range of features to be overwhelming and preferred the familiarity of Google Drive. Luckily for this client, it is now possible to mix the two environments of Google and Microsoft, which is exactly the solution I was able to implement.

1) Requirements

  • Azure AD subscription
  • G Suite with single sign-on enabled

2) Register the Application on Azure AD

Go to On the Azure Active Directory, locate “Enterprise applications.”

From there, go to “Add an application” and select G Suite.

G Suite with Office 365

Once the application has been added, go to the single sign-on configuration.

3) Create a Test User

You will need a test user before deploying this solution for wide use.

G Suite with Office 365

Simply add the test user, then go to the “Provisioning” section and click the “Authorize” button.

Enter your G Suite admin credentials before testing the connection.

G Suite with Office 365

Next, add your test user. This user will be pushed to the Google directory.

4) Azure AD – Single Sign-On

G Suite with Office 365

Sign-on URL:<your-domain>/ServiceLogin?continue=

This sequence must be followed and the primary domain on G Suite has to be added. The last part,, is interchangeable with any Google service (such as

Identifier (Entity ID):<your-domain>

The Test SAML Settings are helpful for troubleshooting as they allow me to confirm that I’ve entered the correct values for the above directions. If Test SAML Settings reveals no issues, then I recommend beginning to configure G Suite using the below steps.

The above three items will be required to configure G Suite’s single sign-on.

5) G Suite – Single Sign-On

On the admin console, navigate to “Security” > “Setup (SSO) with third party identity provider.”

Fill in the three fields denoted in the above image.

6) Testing and Troubleshooting

Go back to the “Single sign-on” section and test the SAML settings.

You will have the option of selecting the current user or another user.

If the sign-on works for the selected user, it will redirect you to your desired Google service (for example, if the sign-on URL is<your-domain>/ServiceLogin?continue=, then you will be redirected to Gmail).

If the Office 365 portal says you have an issue, copy the error message at the bottom of the screen and paste it into Azure AD.
G Suite with Office 365

This will check the configuration for you and suggest a solution, which always works well for me.

Once you have validated your configuration, you will need to push all the users.

7) Deployment

Go back to the “Provisioning” section and this time, opt to sync all users and groups.

G Suite with Office 365

You will also need to add all users in the “Users and groups” section. Then now you are able to use G Suite with Office 365.



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