GIFTIT, The Drive to Do Good

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posted by Jessica
on Mar 27, 2014

On February 26, 2014, NIFTIT hosted its first Online Forum, attended by all NIFTIT members from 8 different cities around the world. During the meeting, questions were raised, great ideas were discussed, and new initiatives were born; GIFTIT is one of them.


Launched in March 2014, GIFTIT is a quarterly philanthropy program initiated by NIFTIT members with a humble purpose to celebrate and support the work of the amazing non-profit organizations in our local communities. GIFTIT was born out of the desire to positively impact the lives of others in any way that we can. Before GIFTIT, our co-founders, Khoa Quach and Dom Benoscek supported a friend in the Peace Corps who is building a library in South Africa. NIFTIT donated books and school supplies to help the cause. Seeing the positive result from the philanthropy act, NIFTIT is committed to donate five hundred dollars every quarter to a non-profit organization of our choice. All members have the ability to nominate one or more non-profit organizations via a nomination form. Once the nomination period ended, the program committee will discuss and select one organization from the nomination pool.


The philanthropy program sparks enthusiasm among members to do good. The response was overwhelming thus we decided to donate to 5 different organizations instead of one:

  • Ecole d’Asie brings together members from different backgrounds to help children in underserved communities in South East Asia by providing free access to education.
  • Vittana brands itself as microfinance for education. Vittana pioneered crowd-funded small loans for students as a way to help ambitious students who didn’t have the means to pay for their education.
  • Age Isle of Man (UK) provides services and information for anyone over the age of 50 and anyone with a disability.
  • Tower Hamlets Food Bank works to tackle hidden hunger through the provision of emergency donations of food (enough for a minimum of three days) and support to those facing real crisis.
  • Magician without Borders performs magic shows for children in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world -often in war torn places where love, laughter and magic are desperately needed.


Within weeks of our first donation round, we have already received wonderful news about our contributions. Through Vittana, NIFTIT supported Eunice Owusu Etornam, a 24-year-old marketing student at Central University College in Ghana. Her plan to graduate in November 2014 was at risk because she couldn’t afford to pay her tuition. A few days after we made our donation, Eunice tuition was fully funded, enabling her to finish her education and get a job where her income will increase by 200%.


This is just one of many more stories that we would love to hear. Our next GIFTIT nomination period will be open in end of May, so if you know any amazing organization, let us know via the contact form – or social media!