Hope for Central Vietnam

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posted by Nam Nguyen
on Nov 14, 2016

At least 15 people have died and 20 people are still missing in central Vietnam after torrential rains caused severe flooding across four central provinces and displace thousands of people. The heavy downpours, which began in mid-October 2015 and barely eased in early weeks of November, leave much of central Vietnam underwater. Reports said at least 30,000 homes were submerged, while roads and railways lines were damaged – a total of at least $50M in damage.


No words can describe the people of central Vietnam grief and sorrow as they watched their properties and belongings submerged in the flood. Heavy downpours and tropical typhoons hit the region every year during the rain season, last year the flood killed 15 people and left tens of thousands homeless, causing extreme hardships to the people of central Vietnam.


This year, the community has suffered greatly after Formosa Corporation polluted the ocean, causing mass fish deaths and seriously affecting the livelihood, production and jobs of the people and the sea environment. Since fishing was no longer an option, young people moved to big cities while their families stayed behind, earning approximately $1 a day with hopes to rebuild their homes. Then another tragedy hit, the flood came and swept away the community they’re trying to rebuild.


There are many heart-breaking stories from this tragedy that the world needs to hear. Stories of survival against inhospitable conditions for weeks where people fought to stay alive in the midst of heavy storm, living nomadically, drinking floodwater and eating instant noodles or whatever food they can find. Stories of loss because many lost their loved ones and they couldn’t find a place to properly bury them, so families had to put the coffins on the streets. But there are also stories of hope as Vietnamese and charitable organizations across the nation come together to help the people in Central Vietnam.


Hope for Central Vietnam

As a company whose mission is to empower its local community, NIFTIT held a donation campaign internally and successfully collected VND 15,900,000 for the people in Central Vietnam. The donation is sent to a charity organization, Congregatioo Sanctissimi Redemptoris, who is working directly with the community in Central Vietnam. The donation will be used to purchase food, clothes, and other necessary things for those who are affected by the flood.


All efforts to help the people in Central Vietnam are continuous. The community is in need of help, now more than ever. If you’d like to learn more about the cause or send a donation, please email us at [email protected] or contact us via our website. We’ll help you connect with the charity organizations that are working directly to elevate the livelihood of those who are affected by this tragedy.