How to Customize Your Background in Microsoft Teams

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Apr 23, 2020

With our worlds turned upside down due to the coronavirus, working from home has become the new norm for many. Video call platforms have seen a steep rise in users as social distancing measures have forced out in-person meetings in favor of virtual meeting spaces.

The solution to utilize video calls during this time may have been an obvious one, but there are some logistics that accompany the use of virtual meetings that aren’t so straightforward. While you may be fretting about what room provides the best lighting or whether or not you’ll be the only meeting attendee still in pajamas, at least finding a good video background is not one of your worries with Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams now allows for custom backgrounds during video calls, and it offers both professional and fun options. According to Microsoft, the new feature uses artificial intelligence to blur your entire background and replace it with the default backgrounds in Teams.  

For now, the available stock background images are limited. However, the tech giant promises that more backgrounds are coming, and that you will be able to use your own custom images in the future. 

To use this background customization feature, you will need to have the desktop version of Teams installed on Windows or MacOS. Note that this feature is only an option when you are in a video call. 

On the call screen, select the More Options icon. Then select “Show Background Effects” and choose the background you want. Microsoft provides a range of background options, such as a classroom for online teaching, outdoor landscapes, a Minecraft background for gamers, and even a galaxy image. If you don’t see the background option, you may need to update your Teams to use this feature.  

In this call, my teammate is using the Minecraft background 😊 

You can also turn yourself into a potato on Teams, like many learned from this popular tweet on Twitter.  

If you’d like to know what you look like as a potato, follow this link for the guide: 

I hope this makes your time working from home more enjoyable! 

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