FREE Course on How To Manage Your Magento 2 Store (Until January 31st)

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posted by Matias Orlando
on Dec 08, 2016

You can now follow on-demand training to learn how to manage your Magento 2 store course for free only until January 31st.

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If you find Magento 2 administration still too complex or if you want to discover how to be more effective, you can now follow and on-demand course from Magento U, the official Magento learning center.


In this course you will:

  • Configure, create and manage the Magento Catalog: How the categories are structured, filtered navigation, product relations, and the different product types.
  • Understand how tax rules works, shipping & payment methods, sales reports, and configuration
  • Customer account and groups and how to manage them
  • Marketing features as promotions and coupons
  • Create & manage orders, shipments, invoices, and credit memos

So, if you are a show owner, we encourage you to take it and give us your feedbacks!

If you are still just a little bit confused then here is a video displaying the example of the training: