We Went to Indy Hall, a Coworking Space in Philly

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posted by Jessica
on Aug 11, 2014

Fun. Friendly. Inspiring. Collaborative. Productive. If you wouldn’t define your workplace with any or all of those terms, you may have to ditch your own desk and take a seat at a coworking space near you.


Co-working spaces have become popular worldwide, affording startups instant networking opportunities and camaraderie, as well as the intangible benefit: a multitude of unexpected encounters that are difficult to recreate in traditional office settings and provide nearly immeasurable amounts of value for new businesses. As a young agency, NIFTIT will surely benefit from coworking space. That is why we are starting an occasional ‘field trip’ to coworking spaces. First stop is Philly’s finest Indy Hall.


A great co-working space is a collection of minds inspired by the brand that brought them together. Indy Hall provides that brand – a hip place for independent hustlers. From crowded photo wall to massive blackboard wall; nature-inspired wall decals to hipster arts, Indy Hall is surely a unique place to work at. Perhaps this is the quality that we (and other) young hustlers are seeking for; a space that forces us to think out-of-the-box. According to Fast Company, members of coworking space reported boost of creativity and health. We noticed the bike rack, for those who bike to work; standing desk, for those who wish to burn more calories while working; and the most important thing, a comfy couch to rest on after long hours working. This is surely a place that promotes its members’ health.




Some features at Indy Hall that also caught our attention: the sound proof ‘phone booth’ so that members can make calls without bothering their neighbors, a gaming area (they have NES; of course we played Super Mario World), a neat kitchen area complete with utensils and coffee for everyone, a vending machine, and a 26-year-old pet turtle!


We were constantly reminded (by writings/notes on the wall) that Indy Hall culture is focused on its people – and they are awesome folks! We had pleasant conversations with marketers, designers, developer and other startup hustlers at Indy Hall. It was overall a worthwhile trip for the NIFTIT team. Not only that we were able to do our work, we were also able to bond together as a team. We are looking forward to our next field trip to another coworking space; hopefully soon!