[Infographic] Into Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on Feb 27, 2017

Asia is one of the most promising start-ups and entrepreneur hubs in the world. It has all the vibes and brains of best technicians (they say Asian kids are good at maths for a reason). When checking out this colony, we shall not miss Hong Kong, the “unicorn” of entrepreneurship in the world. We will have a closer and deeper look inside Hong Kong startup ecosystem with this infographic from TechinAsia.com right below.

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Hong Kong is on its way to becoming the center of tech entrepreneurship and start-up. It is doing extremely well as to keep the rank as number 2 highest GFCI 19 ranking in Asia and number 4 in the whole world. Seeing the potentials of the start-up scene in Hong Kong, NIFTIT had organized SharePoint Saturday Hong Kong 2016″, and it was amaze-balls! Many SharePoint lovers had gathered and shared mutual thoughts as well as stories and experiences not only Hong Kongers but also people around the globe.


Source: longfinance.com

According to the research and results of the infographic done by Andre Gunawan from TechinAsia, Hong Kong’s GDP is one place ahead of Germany. That is HUGE! And by huge I mean US$ 42,000. Its start-up ecosystem value rings from US$ 2.8 million to US$ 3.5 million. Although we can see clearly HK entrepreneurship still suffers from a lot of weaknesses more than strengths, it’s taking baby steps to be placed in a high position in this community.


Source: TechinAsia.com