Infographic: Running a successful remote meeting

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posted by Linh Nguyen
on May 11, 2016

We are living in a world where people are becoming more eager to meet virtually than to have a face-to-face conversation; whether it’s due to geographic restrictions or to save time and increase productivity. Remote meeting, depending on how it’s done, might either scale or break the future of the company. For example, a company with global presence will need a robust and secure (usually more pricey) remote meeting platform to connect with their branch offices, clients, or partners. Meanwhile, a local company whose clients are mostly within the area can opt for a low-cost or even free meeting platform solutions.


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Here are some of the most popular platforms for remote meeting:


1. Skype

skype business

Price: Free

No need to say much, Skype is the first tool that anyone can come up with whenever they want to make voice/video calls in a group. Skype is easy to install, easy to function, easy to connect and easy to minimize the far-distanced problems. And it’s free!


Skype for business

Price: $2/user/month

Introducing Skype for Business, Skype opens up even more conveniences for remote-meeters. SFB allows online meetings, messaging, calls and video with up to 250 people. Moreover, using this tool you can find anyone in your company and schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook. Thus, there is an assurance in enterprise-grade security and management of employee accounts.


2. Cisco WebEx



Price: $19/month

Among the ones listed, WebEx is one of the youngest. It allows you to connect the webcam, VoIP, share files, accept guests join the meeting, etc. This tool is free at first for those who connect fewer than three people in a meeting. But after a 14-day trial, $19/month for everything you need in an online meeting is such a bargain.


3. Fuze


Price: free app (in-app purchase)

Using this tool is the most preferable. The fact that it is free to 25 participants to join in at a time, 1GB of Cloud storage, 12 HD video feeds, conference via VoIP or webcam, etc. One thing that makes it so stand-out from others is that Fuze lets users record the whole conversation; unfortunately, this function works not for free. It costs you few dollars per month to be perfect!


4. GoToMeeting



Price: from $24/Per Organizer Per Month Paid Annually

GoToMeeting is a desktop tool for remote online meeting that concludes 3 parts: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining. All 3 products allow users to record the meeting online, drawing tool, voice conference, start conversation from Microsoft Office, email or instant messaging tools, etc.


5. MeetingBurner

meeting burner


Price: Available free, $39.95/month for Pro and $99.95/month for Premium

MeetingBurner is exactly like GoToMeeting but only it is a web-based tool. The extraordinary thing about this tool is that it also analyzes how the guests interact with the content of your meeting. Plus, it also connects with Skype for integration, just as simple as it seems.


There are many other tools that can help your team to keep in touch even though you are thousand miles from each other. Now here comes the main dish, keys to run a successful remote meeting.





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