Installing Power BI Data Gateway For Refresh of PostgreSQL Database

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Dec 18, 2017

Here is the case scenario, we have a database (PostgreSQL) running on Azure and we need to provide some insights on key tables for the marketing team. We already completed the following steps:

  1. Create the ODBC connection string to the PostgreSQL
  2. Create the report
  3. Publish the report

The report looks nicely on PowerBI online but can’t refresh the data since there is no relation between the report stored online and the database running on Azure.


In order to perform a schedule refresh, we will need to install the Power BI data gateway. Since I build and run the report from my computer and publishing out to other team, I chose

We won’t be able to do Live/Direct Query but we would be able to configure scheduled refresh/manual refresh od the data source.

From Power BI Online, go ahead and click on the [Downloads] button located on the top right corner >> Select the [Data Gateway]. You can also use the direct link at:


Run the installer and select the appropriate Gateway installation type. You will be provided 2 options:

  • Enterprise that can be shared and reused by multiple users, support Power BI, PowerApss, Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow too
  • Or Personal mode that can only be used by you and Power BI

Other factors such as the location of the installation of the gateway, the network that is in place and the policy regarding gateway within your organization might impact which type of installation you will be setting. Note though that if you install the gateway on a personal computer, the gateway will not run when your computer is turn off. Read more at: 


Once you have completed the installation, go back to Power BI Online and go to the [Manage Gateways]. Select [Add data sources to use the gateway]

On the next screen, ensure you are selecting the [ODBC] data source type and set up the right Connection String to the Server, Database, Username and password


Once the connection is successfully established, go to the [Users] tab

We need to ensure that the dataset is running the proper gateway connection. In order to do that click on the dataset and select [Schedule Refresh]

On the next screen ensure that you are selecting the right [Gateway connection]

Then turn on the [Scheduled refresh] option to ensure that you can setup the refresh frequency. With the current license of Power BI we are using (Power BI for Office 365) we are only able to schedule for [Daily] refreshes and setup a maximum of 8 time for refresh:

Once you click on [Apply] you should be able to see a success message

You can also now test the manual refresh of the dataset


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