Magento Community: Forum, Events and Influencers

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posted by Matias Orlando
on Mar 14, 2017

One of the biggest strength of Magento is its community. Many projects have been developed by the community and distributed freely. Some of the modules have been used widely and became standards. We can also affirm that the community has a strong impact on the future development of Magento. The developers of Magento rely on the community to improve Magento.

Whether you are a Magento developer or a shop owner we strongly advise you to get in touch with the Magento community, you can meet other people with the same issues and concerns online or in meetups near you. How to reach the community:


Meet Magento


Meet Magento events are organized by Magento independent companies or individual all around the world. They are all synchronized by the Meet Magento Association . These events are the best way to meet people involved in the community. Most of the time the speech are divided in two paths, the developer and the business path.


Magento Meetups


Many Magento meetups are organized, and there are good chances that one is organized near you. In order to find the closest Magento Meetup, go on the Meetup website.


Magento Forums


Official Magento Forums might be a good place to get in touch with the Magento community, but if you are looking for answers we advise you to go on the Magento Stack Exchange. Here’s another article worth reading.




Many developers of the community are active on twitter. Here are some people you should follow:

Magento community managers:

Magento developers:

Magento documentation: @MagentoDevDocs