Microsoft is Crushing It with Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Jul 09, 2020

The tech giant is working on many new features in Microsoft Teams and they have shared with us on their YouTube channel. Let’s see what we have in this new update for Teams.

1. More personalized 

Microsoft Teams is getting more and more personalized for users. We now can set up our appearance before starting the meeting. Video filters with AI technology help users to adjust the lighting levels or custom the screen background which we once mentioned in this post

2. More engaging 

You are available to express your reactions with the live reactions feature. Just like Facebook livestream, live reactions have many emojis for you to share during a meeting like heart, clap, etc 

3. More inclusive 

This new update also brings to you the new feature that can help improve your meeting: Live captions 

Live captions with speaker attribution support ESL users can catch up with their English-speaking participants. It’s similar to the YouTube caption which shows subtitles on the bottom of the screen. 

4. More dynamic 

Dynamic view allow user to share content side by side with other participants. You can also custom the view during the meeting by drag and drop your presentation screen and members screen. 

5. More together 

This is the most interesting feature of this update which is designed for the pandemic-time meetings. 

Together Mode allows all participants to be united into one screen, the background will look like a conference room. Every member will have their own virtual seat.  

Watch Microsoft Official Video about Microsoft Teams:


Microsoft has improved Teams so much to support the users in the epidemic era as well as respond to other competitors. Most of these new features will arrive this year, so please stay tuned.

What is your opinion about these new features from Microsoft? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to share with us!

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