Microsoft Outperforms Rivals with OneDrive Personal Vault

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posted by Truong Nguyen
on Aug 01, 2019

Microsoft has revealed that it will be adding a new feature to its OneDrive cloud storage service called Personal Vault. With Personal Vault’s ability to improve security for sensitive and important documents, Microsoft has become one of the first companies to have such a feature in its cloud storage; other platforms like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive are behind in terms of this type of security. This new feature is now available in some countries, so let’s explore what it could do for you!

How does Personal Vault improve security? 

The OneDrive Personal Vault is a suitable area for users to store confidential documents such as copies of passports, ID cards, sale invoices, or personal financial information. Unlike before when entering a single password allowed you to log in, with Personal Vault, you will need to provide information to verify your identity such as a PIN, SMS code, fingerprint/facial authentication, or a two-factor authentication (2FA) code to access this new feature. Also note that if you store files in the OneDrive Personal Vault area, it will require an additional code when you access via web, PC, or mobile devices. 

To synchronize Personal Vault files, Microsoft utilizes a BitLocker-encrypted area of a local hard drive; all OneDrive files are encrypted at rest in Microsoft’s cloud and in transit to a device. Moreover, if you are inactive for a certain period of time (3 minutes on mobile devices and 20 minutes on the web or on a local hard drive), the Personal Vault will automatically lock and require verification for you to regain access. Note that it is possible to use Widows Hello for this on PC. For OneDrive’s web version, all your documents in the Personal Vault will not be cached by any browser.  

Which devices can use Personal Vault? 

Microsoft introduced Personal Vault to the web version of OneDrive, to the iOS and Android mobile apps, and to Windows 10 PC. However, only Windows 10 version 1093 or higher with the OneDrive sync client 19.106 (or above) can use this new feature. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not support macOS users here; they can only use Personal Vault via their web browsers (, but there is a OneDrive application for Android and iOS. 

When and where can you use Personal Vault? 

Personal Vault will eventually be available to paid and free OneDrive accounts, and you can store your files up to the OneDrive storage limit. Microsoft also provides good deals to Office365 users if they want to have more storage in their accounts. 

Currently, Microsoft is testing OneDrive Personal Vault in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The tech giant says it will be available to the global market by the end of the year.  

With the OneDrive Personal Vault feature, Microsoft is providing an optimal security solution for both individuals and businesses. With this addition, Microsoft will reign in the field of document security. 

Sources: CNET, The Verge

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