My Internship at NIFTIT

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posted by Truong Nguyen
on Oct 01, 2019

After completing all my courses at university, an internship was compulsory for my graduation. Unfortunately, I struggled with finding a place to intern that both suited my interests and would help me meet my goals for this experience. While my friends started their internships, I felt left behind with nothing to do with my time.

I eventually realized that it was simply my fear of working in a new environment that was holding me back, so I decided to start my internship-finding campaign in earnest. I sent my skimpy CV to many employers – one of which was NIFTIT. After a few days and some offers later, I decided to choose NIFTIT for the marketing intern position. 

The Experience 

To be selected for the NIFTIT team, I had to make it through three challenging rounds of interviews, but it was worth the effort. My impression on my first day was one of apprehension as I was introduced to my new work environment, but the warm welcome I received from everyone at NIFTIT made me feel better; the interns were invited to lunch that day. and it was a good opportunity to get to know others in the office.  

The workplace itself, I noticed, was well-decorated with cool paintings and furniture. There we received free food and drinks, such as Coke, coffee, and my favorite dish: instant noodles. We got free milktea from the CEO, Mr. Khoa Quach, were invited to join in BBQ nights with all the team members on the weekend, swapped funny stories with the DEV team during break, and  – most importantly –  received support from everyone at the office. It was such a great experience for a fresher like me! 

Lunch together at NIFTIT

I Learned New Things  

Before taking the internship at NIFTIT, I thought my tasks would be limited to making coffee and photocopying documents like the intern tasks at many other companies in Vietnam. However, everything was different from what I imagined it would be; from the first week, my fellow interns and I joined the team to complete a client’s project, and we also helped prepare a website’s FAQs page for another client. Despite just meeting, us marketing interns got along really well, and the resulting teamwork was awesome.  

During my 90-day internship journey, I had opportunities to learn many new things. I was involved with tasks like writing blogs, doing market and keyword research, and setting-up email marketing campaigns. I was taught how to use tools for marketing, such as Crowdfire, Google Keyword Planner, Mailchimp, and more. I even received LinkedIn training that showed me how to create a more professional profile, which is very useful to my career! 

Working with Talented People 

NIFTIT is a team of talented individuals working together to meet the needs of their clients. It was really cool working with people in various parts of the IT industry, but I especially admired the work done by my friends on the creative team and enjoyed seeing their beautiful products every week.  

Joining this team gave me a valuable opportunity to improve my knowledge and professional practices. Thanks to the support of NIFTIT’s members, I adapted to the office workflow and work style quickly. My manager, Ms. Ngoc Anh, helped me accomplish my tasks and learn from my mistakes, while my bosses (the CEO, CTO, and CFO) were all very kind and supportive. When I experienced any difficulty with or uncertainty in my role at NIFTIT, I was encouraged to create thoughtful solutions and to involve myself further in tasks that I found interesting. In particular, I’d like to thank Mr. Khoa Quach, who guided me a lot with the pro-bono project I proposed to him. 

In conclusion, joining the internship program at NIFTIT is such a precious experience to me; I met new friends, worked with amazing people, learned many new things, and have improved myself so much since my first day at the office. What NIFTIT gave its interns will forever stay with me, and I recommend that you don’t hesitate to apply if you ever see a job opportunity or intern position with this company! 

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