New Office: Antarctica

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posted by Jessica
on Mar 31, 2016

In late 2013, we first opened our doors in Brooklyn, New York. Our mission to empower businesses and organizations from around the world brought us to Vietnam. Inevitably, we opened our second office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014. Today, we are beyond excited to announce our third office in Antarctica, South Pole.


“After weeks of soul searching across the continents, we feel that Antarctica is the place to be. As we are expanding our portfolio to the South American market, Antarctica is the perfect place for our third office as it’s only 8-9 hours away by flight from Argentina or Chile.”
– Khoa Quach, NIFTIT CEO

The geographic location and its frozen cold climate seem to be an odd choice to many. However, according to NIFTIT COO, Dom Benoscek, who is currently residing in Canada, the temperature in Toronto could be much worse.



“At least there are penguins in Antarctica.”
– Dom Benoscek, NIFTIT COO

Finally, we’d love you to join our ‘Office Warming Party’ in Antarctica on April 1, 2016. Please don’t take the ‘warming’ part literally and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!