NIFTIT Football Club Kicks Off Their First Match

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posted by admin
on Jun 02, 2015

NIFTIT Football Club is our latest initiative, born as a team-building activity aims to bring out NIFTers’ inner athletes.

When our Vietnam team starts to grow, we discovered the burning passion that runs in the office – football. It’s easy to understand, in this country of more than 90 million people, football is the king of sport, a sport that connects people.

Indeed, football has connected us. We find ourselves from casually talking about football to passionately talking about it. Until one day, we begin to organize football matches after work. It was the chemistry and friendship established from those games that helped conceives the idea for NIFTIT Football Club.

The initiative announcement immediately received enthusiastic responses minutes after being sent out. Thus, NIFTIT Football Club was successfully launched on May 12, 2015 (it was supposed to be May 5, but we encountered some minor logistic problems).


On that day, in the red shade of our jersey, we played a friendly match against Appvity, we rocked the field and score a great 10 goals (so did Appvity!). The perfect score to keep everyone happy. After all, it’s the spirit of friendship that counts.

Everyone at NIFTIT is super pumped about this project and we look forward to every Tuesday night to see the ball rolling. Next week, we once again meet Appvity at 367 Football Field, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City.

Come join with us or watch us play! We hope to see you all there!