NIFTIT Partners with Grindhouse Wetware

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posted by Dom Benoscek
on Dec 03, 2013

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Grindhouse Wetware. The team at Grindhouse is feverishly prototyping the Circadia, “an implantable device that can read biomedical data and transmit it to the Internet via Bluetooth.” In an effort to assist their team in meeting the deadlines that have been set, NIFTIT will be developing the mobile application that interacts with the device.

grindhouse wetware


Though both teams are working on aggressive deadlines, our plan is to publish regular posts in which we discuss various aspects of the project. Because we are tasked with application development the posts will be primarily geared toward this piece of the project, although, spill over into other areas will certainly occur when relevant.


Everyone we have talked to about the project seems to have an opinion about the Circadia and to a greater extent, the implications of implanting a device like this in your body. While there are numerous justifiable reasons to be leery of the Circadia, we think the possibilities are incredible.


As this series of posts continues, we are hoping to engage with those of you in the community that have an opinion on the direction of the mobile application. Whether it relates to issues around how the data is secured, how/where the data will be stored, how said data can be accessed/analyzed, etc.


Future topics will initially focus on high-level concepts, then we will dive into the more granular technical details as the project progresses. Depending on interest, we will also release some white papers as they are created.