NIFTIT in Vietnam

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posted by Khoa Quach
on Jan 27, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend the 7th SharePoint Saturday Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, organized by Thuan, one of the youngest SharePoint MVP.


It was a great event; the venue was very nice and well located. There were approximately 50+ attendees who were SharePoint professionals and enthusiasts. Thuan invited brilliant speakers from the local SP community. I was overwhelmed by the level of knowledge that the Vietnam SP community had. I delivered a presentation on SharePoint branding that went smoothly. It was great to see people interacting and sharing their experience during the demo I did on Azure; they were very much invested in making sure that I felt welcome (which I did).


After the demo, I was invited by a couple of local and international development companies to attend networking events and meetings in the area. The following week after SPS Vietnam, I was able to connect with key actors of the development and IT scene in Vietnam. I had the opportunity to visit their companies and witnessed their brilliant and ingenious developers having a great time at work. We were all connected by our passion in computer science and that passion was enough to break the ice.


The more stories and case studies we shared, the more I realized that we all ran into similar problems and discovered similar solutions in developing certain projects.


In addition to the SP community, I explored the startup scene in Vietnam by visiting a few co-working spaces and talking with start-up founders. Just like the experience that I previously had, I found myself connected with the people that I encountered at these co-working spaces. Why? Because we are passionate about our own company and we work with the ambition to thrive and the integrity to deliver the best.


Finally, there’s a lot of perks being in Vietnam. The food here is cheap but absolutely savory. The famous Banh Mi only costs only 50 cents at most street corners. Oh, and the special coffee “sua da” is strong and delicious!


People of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) are very friendly and helpful to foreigners. The city itself feels very young and vibrant, especially during this time of the year as they are preparing for the lunar new year celebration. And did I mention the weather? It’s perfect. Leave your jacket and sweater at home. The tropical climate will make you sweat as soon as you stepped outside.


I would like to thank specifically the following individual for their great hospitality and generosity during my trip: Hoang-Anh Phan from Officience, Hoang Nhut Nguyen from Harvey Nash, Binh Nguyen from Appvity, Hai Nguyen from Bamboo Solutions and Thuan Nguyen from Availys