NIFTIT Pro-Bono: Da Nha Project

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posted by Hung Quach
on Nov 27, 2017

Da Nha is an NGO based in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam, that aims to help marginalized and vulnerable groups by providing sustainable development. Active since November 2000, Da Nha started their work in 2013 by developing agricultural projects for the ethnic minorities of K’ho Ma and Tay. Today, the non-profit organization has expanded their activities to the areas of education, healthcare, sanitation, eco-system protection, and more.

Da Nha came to NIFTIT looking to have a public website designed and developed that would promote their brand. They wanted a site that would showcase their amazing projects across the country in an effort to increase both donations and sales of their organic products.  

 Da Nha is a not-for-profit social project that helps vulnerable ethnic minority villagers in Vietnam. We were in quest of a platform to promote our organic and social products – vegetables, fruits, and handicrafts from the village of Da Nha – in order to generate incomes for poor families.”  – Toky RazafimamonjyGeneral Manager of Da Nha Project  

Inspired and touched by Da Nha’s desire to support local communities, we offered our services pro-bono to build a modern and easy-to-use website.  

pro-bono Da Nha Project

All the requirements provided by the NGO were successfully implemented, including:  

  • Modern website design 
  • Plugin for multiple languages 
  • Call to action: Donate
  • Call to action: Market page
  • Contact form
  • Mobile responsiveness 

By leveraging these new technologies, Da Nha will be able to increase their donation and sales revenues on organic products. NIFTIT wishes all the best to Da Nha in their social service undertakings and will always support them as their strategic IT partner.  

“NIFTIT is the most professional, meticulous, andopen-minded web design company that we‘ve ever met in Ho-Chi-Minh City. After a thorough examination of our history and our situation, they offered to design and develop a website for us as a philanthropic contribution to the cause. We thus worked together hand in hand for months with no pressure and more liberty to design an amazing and perfectly suitable interactive website for our social project. NIFTIT‘s team was totally attentive to our needs and accurately gave materials to the much-needed platform that fit with our or4ganization and our goals. The result was breathtaking, and the documentation that their service provided was totally clear and easy to handle. We, therefore,  would like to give a special thanks to the NIFTIT team for their direct contributions to Da Nha Project and their role in helping to eradicate poverty, protect the environment, and promote indigenous traditions in Vietnam. 

Toky RazafimamonjyGeneral Manager of Da Nha Project  


Visit Da Nha Project Website: 

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